Block numbers: Find it at Android, iPhone and landline

Every day the same thing: ringing phone, the number is suppressed or known, and we know that this is an annoying telemarketer or the jealous ex-girlfriend on the phone. For such moments, it is advisable to block numbers so that these pests can no longer call.

Find out here how to set up a blacklist on Android and iPhone, and can block numbers for the landline. In the described way both calls and text messages are blocked. The way to block a number different for Android and iOS devices. We show you how you can block both Android as well as iPhone numbers.

  • Instructions for Android devices
  • Instructions for iPhones
  • Instructions for landline


Own number out on iOS and Android

Numbers block for Android: So it goes with Samsung, HTC, Sony etc.

Wish to avoid their unwanted calls on your Samsung Galaxy S6, S8, LG G6, HTC One or Moto X, the corresponding numbers of Android smartphone internal blacklist must be added. For example, annoying telemarketing calls can be avoided or clarifying conversation with the ex-boyfriend are bypassed.

An illustrated step-by-step instructions can be found here:

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Android: Block Contact - Here's how

To block a number, the phone book app calls. Now select the number to be locked. In the next step you open with the button on the left menu and can the number "to the blocking list". Confirms the request with "OK". Behind the dialed number a blue stop sign is shown. Thereto, it can be seen that a number has been blocked. Do you want to activate the number again, you go on the same path and selects "to blacklist" instead of the option "of barrier _ Delete".

  1. Open Contacts on Android
  2. Select to block number
  3. Open the menu and "want to blacklist" Select
  4. Blue icon blocked number

phone number-block-android

The blue icon indicates a blocked number

If you this way too complicated, you can also block with the Android app calls blacklist numbers. Muit blacklist can also block generally calls of unknown numbers. In addition, you have the option of numbers based on specific criteria to block, for example by means of a code.

Black list (blacklist)

QR code

Black list (blacklist)
Developer: Mobile AntTek
Price: Free

iPhone: block numbers

Since iOS 7, it is now finally possible with in-house means the iPhone to block numbers. Opens this phone app and selects the blocking number. If this is not available in your phonebook, it first added to your contacts. Did you find the contact, click on the arrow. Scroll down and select the "Caller lock" from. Now, the selected number is blocked.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose "Phone".
  3. Opens the option "block calls and identify".
  4. "Locked" will scroll in the table by the end of the section.
  5. Selects here "Add Contact".
  6. Now you can set up a contact or a phone number that you want to lock the iPhone.

For FaceTime their numbers can lock on the settings in the "Face Time" under "Suspended".


iOS 7 Tip: callers and contacts blocking

Callers lock in the fixed network

Depending on your phone provider you also have the option to block caller in the fixed network. So you have the ability to block caller directly via the router. Calls this the settings of each router to, for example, opens on speedport.ip or Fritz.Box settings and &Telephony settings; # 8220&# 8221 ;. There, the option is usually &# 8220; block callers&# 8221 ;, let under which is fixed numbers lock.

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With these tips, you will not get unwanted calls more on your iPhone or Android phone and fixed line users can be protected from advertising, spam or other unpleasant calls.

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