Nokia 3310: WhatsApp install and use – is that possible?

You can use 3310 WhatsApp on the (old) new Nokia? The announcement to revive the cult mobile the early 2000s, made recently for nostalgic feelings. On the other hand, we naturally want to do without cherished comfort functions and that includes the mobile phone of course WhatsApp. The popular Messenger service on the Nokia 3310 to be installed on? We have found it for you.


Nokia 3310 (2017) in the Hands-On

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With the new edition of the indestructible cult mobile phones Nokia 3310 *Nokia 3310: WhatsApp install and use - is that possible? the Finnish company HMD Global has hit a nerve. In times when smart phones get more and more functions, represents the retro phone a conscious reduction to the essential is for 50 euros you get a phone with which one thing above all can. Telephoning. The classic mobile game Snake is also pre-installed, also allows SMS messages can be sent. But what else of the functions expected by a modern-day smart phone users of their devices? Above all: Can the ubiquitous instant messenger WhatsApp use on the Nokia 3310?

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Nokia 3310: WhatsApp install and use &# 8211; Is that possible?

Despite retro charm HMD Global has the Nokia 3310 brings some modern features. The internal memory has been increased to 16 MB and can be expanded via MicroSD card to 32 GB, to get a color display, a built-in MP3 player and Internet radio. In order for the concessions to smartphone users anno 2017 also hear but on again. Many modern features that today are standard, missing on the Nokia 3310, including, unfortunately, the popular WhatsApp Messenger. If you go get the Nokia 3310, you should take a to be clear, then, that her WhatsApp can not be used on the retro phone.

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On the Nokia 3310 can you play Snake in color &# 8211; Unfortunately, the popular WhatsApp Messenger is missing in the new version of the mobile phone classic.

Why, the Nokia 3310 (yet) WhatsApp?

That one can not use a WhatsApp on the Nokia 3310, is a pity &# 8211; after all, the Messenger is one of the absolute basic repertoire of modern smartphones and is installed on virtually every new device. On the Nokia 3310 the service does but for technical reasons not use. Firstly WhatsApp requires the operating systems iOS, Android or Windows Phone &# 8211; the Nokia 3310, however, works with the Nokia Series 30+ &# 8211; a device-specific OS that tinkers in the Nokia 150th In addition, WhatsApp has severely limited the support of other systems at the beginning of the year: WhatsApp - 2017 the following devices are not compatible + solution for Android.

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  • Nokia 3310 (2017): The indestructible versa cult phone back

On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 is no modern transmission standards UMTS or LTE. Even with the Wireless retro phone can not do anything. Instead, the old standard GSM is used, which is mainly used for the transmission of telephone calls. At least a theoretical possibility that at some point but WhatsApp for Nokia 3310 comes, but is it: On the operating system and third-party apps running &# 8211; so it is at least conceivable that a separate WhatsApp version could be developed, for example, when the neuaufgelegte Nokia 3310 turns out to be huge hit and come to appropriate user numbers.

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Whether that actually happens remains to be seen &# 8211; for now you have to give up the Messenger, if you decide on the Nokia 3310th On the other hand: Who needs WhatsApp if he can instead play Snake&# 8230;

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