Monster Hunter Generations: Key Quests – these key quests do you need for quick progress

Monster Hunter Generations can pull you from village to village to complete tasks there for the villagers. In the Hunting RPG for your Nintendo 3DS you expect numerous main and side quests. If you want to solve all of these quests, you are facing a very long time on the hunt. The tasks turn gradually more villages free and we will show you in this guide, which missions are the crucial key quests for the next villages.

Monster Hunter Generations: Key Quests - these key quests do you need for quick progress

You will receive for each village you a high number of quests. Closes her enough key-quests, you can set you on the path to the next village. It is however not necessary that their all quests masters. In addition to the villages which you can unlock, it rises to hunters ranks. In view of the many, many tasks in Monster Hunter Generations that would be too great a cost. Makes you prefer to hunt down the big flagship monsters.

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All materials of the monsters in MHX

Monster Hunter Generations: these are the key-Quest / Key Quests

There is in every village some Key Quests (Key quests), which can progress to you after successful completion. so it saves you some time and invested them in the study of hunting styles and techniques or studied in jungles and mountains for the best weapons. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter unchecked Generations itself which tasks are key quests, so you you will need to obtain from other sources the information.

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Have you met the relevant tasks, you will receive a so-called Urgent Quest. This is the foundation for new levels and areas and lets you compete against big monster. If you met these key quest, you turn right at all the other missions the next stage.

Key Quests for hunters Rank 1

Key QuestRequirement
FarnfinderGive 8 unique ferns from.
mushroom huntingGive 5 mischief mushrooms from.
Wipe!10 Maccaos succumbed.
Jaggi Vendetta10 Jaggi succumbed.
  • Urgent / dringent: Jumping Rogue &# 8211; Imposes a wholesale Maccao.

Key Quests for hunters Rank 2

Key QuestRequirement
Rauf addict Rhenoplos5 Rhenoplos succumbed.
Hermitaur challengerdo 5 Hermitauren
Gendrome roadblockKill a Gendrome.
the land sharkKill a Cephadrome.
  • Urgent / dringent: Hauer Howler &# 8211; Killed a Tetsucabra.

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Key Quest for hunters Rank 3

Key Questconditions
His angestampfter PlaceKill a Yian Kut-Ku.
Completely robbedKilled a Gypceros.
The Desert GourmetKill a Nibelsnarf.
turbulent instinctsGive 8 mischief mushrooms from.
wet NewsKill a king-Ludroth.
The Lurking Desert GiantKill a Daimyo Hermitaur.
  • Includes first and then His angestampfter Place one after to unlock the next Key Quest.
  • Urgent / dringent: The Enchanter night &# 8211; Killed a Malfestio.

Key Quest for hunters Rank 4

Key QuestRequirement
The wrath of RathianKill a Rathian.
hungry eyesKill a Nargacuga.
Serpentine SambaKill a Najarala.
Terror in StinksumpfKill two Khezu.
In love with a crustaceanCatch a Shogun Ceanataur.
  • Urgent / dringent:  The dark ages &# 8211; Killed a Yian Garuga.


Key Quest for hunters Rank 5

Key QuestRequirement
Einin smoke Engulfed KingKill a Rathalos.
Fischer's enemyKill a Lagiacrus.
The enchanting water dancersKill a Mizutsune.
The relentless ColossusKill a Gammoth.
The thunder claw WyvernKill a Astalos.
  • Urgent / dringent: Searing Blade &# 8211; Killed a Glavenus.

Key Quest for hunters Rank 6

Key QuestRequirement
Dark wings, dark worksKill a Gore Magala.
hard TerrainKill a Zinogre.
Tigrex of the SandsKill a Tigrex.
Scales of terrorKill a Seregios.
Oh my Brachydios!Kill a Brachydios.

If you have met these quests Key, it turns Although no Urgent Quest free, but must for the last quests all guild and town quests to complete. For this, the last tasks are especially challenging because you have to compete against the most powerful monsters and can get valuable rewards.

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