Fallout 4: Silver Shroud – Quest and costume find (update: Nuka-World)

In addition to the endless main missions in Bethesda's apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 you will find numerous side quests. One of them turns to Silver Shroud, a fictional superhero with gangster attitude from the 30s. He cleans the streets Goodneighbors and has a flock of fans clustered around.

One of them is learning her in the quest Silver Shroud know. In the context of this mission, you also can the For legendary Silver Shroud outfit and tighten. Where you can find this and as you passed the side mission with ease, you read in this guide.

Our test for the DLC for Fallout Far Harbor 4: 


Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Test

Mastering Silver Shroud Quest - Fallout 4

It all starts with a radio signal. In the area around Boston Common and Boylston Club you receive the radio station Silver Shroud radio. The area lies in North-east of Diamond City. So if you have received the signal and you heard the message, it gets the job, Kent Connolly visit.

You can find him in the cave of memories Goodneighbor. You learn that Kent avid fan of the radio play Silver Shroud vs. is Captain Cosmos. For this reason, the ghoul built by a machine gun from the time.

The Silver Shroud Quest leads you through the streets of Goodneighbor

The Silver Shroud Quest leads you through the streets of Goodneighbor

but still lacks a suitable costume. He also informed you that he has seen in a nearby comic shop called Hubris Comics one. In the interview you can with enough charisma points and a Advance for the Quest solution negotiate.

Next stop: Hubris Comics for the Silver Shroud outfit

in the Southwest Goodneighbor find her a nondescript house with the inscription Hubris. Once you open the door, already runs a lot of ghouls towards you. The entire building is teeming with monsters. Also a glowing ghoul spawn here and waiting for you. In addition, you will also find a Grognak outfit and a weapon of comic book heroes.

Here is Hubris Comics

Here is Hubris Comics

Did you kill them all, you can look for the Silver Shroud outfit, which finds her as follows:

  1. Go up into the building and then keep going up the stairs.
  2. Eventually you come to a staircase, which with a sign reading "On the Air" is announced.
  3. On the top floor there is a film set of Silver Shroud.
  4. Behind the screen you'll find the Silver-machine gun prop. You can not use the weapon. They bring you wood, steel and a spring.
  5. The costume is in front of the screen on a Display dummy. It consists of the outfit and a hat.

The Fallout 4 outfit Silver Shroud comes with special abilities, therefore,

The Fallout 4 outfit Silver Shroud comes with special abilities, therefore,

The outfit damage reduced, caused by man, by 15 percent. He also has the following values:

  • Damage resistance: 42
  • Energy Resistance: 42
  • Move: +1
  • Perception: +1
  • Mass: 7
  • Value: 600

In the building you will find even more comics, such as "The Unstoppable". Also, you can still a Silver Shroud script Find. For this you need the key of the CEO, which you will find in her office. The exact route you see well again in the following video:


Find Silver Shroud outfit - Fallout 4

Back to Kent Connolly

After you have thus found the Silver Shroud costume, their returns back to Kent. He is very happy and gives you the promised payment. As an extra, you can even him the script, the photo and the props weapon type. For that you get in return two Stimpaks. What effect they have and which drugs still exist, you read in another guide.

In the next step he asks you if you do not put on the costume and clean streets Goodneighbors of criminals could. You are naturally so dear and do him a favor. About the Silver Shroud Radio you get the orders, who should believe in it.

Three contract killings in the name of Silver Shroud

Kent befielt you, killing three people. These are:

  • Wayne Delancy
  • A.J.
  • Kendra

Do not forget a Business card on the bodies to place so that everyone really knows in Goodneighbor that Silver Shroud makes on the streets for law and order. Once you plunder Kendra, you'll find an agreement by Shelly Tiller. You get the optional destination, to kill them.

In Hubris Comics you also find the Silver submachine gun prop

In Hubris Comics you also find the Silver submachine gun prop

Optional Quest: Shelly Tiller

For this, you need to Training grounds of the National Guard. Here is waiting not only Shelly, but also a handful of ghouls. She is sitting in the recruiting office and has already heard of your deeds as Silver Shroud. Once you kill them, leads you the map marker to a toolbox, where you put your reward in the form of bottle caps found. So you conclude the optional quest.

Revenge of Sinjin

Next, you've got to the End of the radio station listen. Here you learn that you, a certain Hancock, would like to meet the Mayor of Goodneighbor. He probably sits right in the same building, just a few floors up. Do you have it before as companion recruited, he is of course next to you or is in one of your settlements.

Talking to him you learn that the three people who have killed her henchman Sinjin were. It is natural therefore angry and want revenge. So you have no choice but to turn it off.

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Did you this Fallout Easter Eggs already found?

Hancock gives you the hint that their first his two most familiar helpers Smiling Kate and Northy should kill. Kate is at bunker Hill and Northy is located in a ruin next Wattz household electronics.

Kent has been kidnapped!

Now that only Sinjin is left, but returns only once in the Cave of memories back to report Kent Connolly of your actions. Stupidly, he was kidnapped, what Silver Shroud once again calls on the scene! Hear again Silver Shroud Radio and witness how kidnapped Sinjin Kent.

The Silver Shroud photo be found in Hubris Comics

The Silver Shroud photo be found in Hubris Comics

So now it says quickly Milton General Hospital run and save Kent. Here you have to assert yourself against the entire entourage of Sinjin. In the basement of the clinic can be found then Sinjin, who points a gun at Kent.

Do you have enough charisma, can convince her Sinjin, that you really are Silver Shroud. In this case you have to do less, because the enemy fled, leaving a living Kent. Unsuccessful your persuasion must, you say you against Sinjin and its people.

Immediately switches from Sinjin so he can not kill Kent. he does it anyway and it turns off the remaining opponents, you have yet completed the quest. The good news you have to then Mayor Hancock convey that to you full of joy with lots of bottle caps and a new Quest rewarded.

Silver Shroud in DLC Nuka-World

The story of the funny comic book heroes Silver Shroud goes on. In the sixth and final DLC Nuka-World you are not just a theme park road &# 8211; you can also many Optional talks as Silver Shroud to lead. So grab the outfit and traveled Dry Rock Gulch, the Wild West among the six parks in Nuka-World. Here you can speak most dialogues as a superhero. A robot even asks you to duel out. The YouTuber FluffyNinjaLlama has about 10 minutes of conversation recorded with NPCs as Silver Shroud. Other players, however, have yet resulted in much more specific dialogues. So simply pulls on the outfit and let yourself be surprised that discussions arise.

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