TESO | The Elder Scrolls Online: Cost overview (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

What does it cost actually to be a hero? That all depends on what game you want to play. Since you came into this product, you want to like the future dragon's blood of Tamriel be the next Jagar Tharn or Ulfric storm coat. Whatever, here you learn everything about the Elder Scrolls Online costs that come for PC and consoles on you.


The Elder Scrolls: Online - Alliance Cinematic Trailer

Since March The Elder Scrolls Online is changed to a free-2-play model, where you have to pay monthly subscription fees any more, but you have to do is buy the full version of the game. The various deals &# 8220; The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited&# 8221; found here:


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Xbox One:

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Before you decide on an edition of The Elder Scrolls Online, ought ye be aware that the online role-playing game from Bethesda associated with additional costs and thus different from Guild Wars 2, for example, chooses the way of the pay-to-play. In the past it has given to this subscription model criticism, we limit ourselves here but only on the facts.

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The Elder Scrolls Online costs for PC gamers

In the first instance it is important to choose an edition of The Elder Scrolls Online. Since the release has already passed, you will find it difficult to get at the Day One Edition of TESO, which contained some additional bonuses. We therefore cling and limit ourselves to the regular versions available:

The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the full version of TESO, and 30 days free unlimited access *.


The Elder Scrolls Online Digital Standard Edition (Download)

The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition (Box)

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition

elder scrolls online kosten_imperial

The Elder Scrolls Online: For a few euros more you will receive a new playable race, a mount, a pet and the chance to get married in-game

In addition to the main game and the 30-day season, the Imperial Edition includes the in-game rewards:

  • Imperial playable race (any Alliance)
  • White Imperial Horse
  • Mud crab as a pet
  • Rings of Mara for marriages in the game

teso_imperialThe Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Edition (Download)

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition (Box)

There is also the possibility of a Upgrade to the Imperial Edition perform. For that you have to just go to the store, the official website of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Imperial Edition Upgrade (25 €)

The Elder Scrolls Online subscription costs

So you can use the 30 days of game time included with the editions, you must first select a präferiertes subscription and how to pay. Currently the subscription fee

  • for 30 days at 12.99 € / month (= € 12.99)
  • for 90 days at 11.99 € / month (= 35,97 €, you save € 3)
  • for 180 days at 10.99 € / month (= 65.94 €, you save € 12, or € 6)

elder scrolls online kosten_abo

eso game time cardThe Elder Scrolls Online Game Time Cards

Also you have the chance to replenish your account using Game Time Cards. There are, for example 60 days play time following offer:

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