Games for the PS4 camera: an overview

Games for the PS4 camera: an overview

Martin Maciej
on 23/10/2014 at 11:21 AM

The camera of the PlayStation 4 now really belongs not to the peripheral devices that you absolutely need if the console is in the living room. Nevertheless, the camera great popularity and delighted though games for the PlayStation 4 camera are currently few and far between.

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The Top 5 games for the camera of the Playstation 4:


Top 5 games for the camera of the Playstation 4

Ever since the PlayStation 2 is available with an Eye Toy camera support for playing on Sony's consoles. In particular, party games rely on the use of the accessory. On the PlayStation 3, however, there were only a few titles that use the camera really innovative.

Games for the PS4 camera

In addition to use in games the PS4 camera offers some more nice features. So you can register at your console by Gesichtserkennnung. In addition, you can watch the PS4 via camera control via voice commands and call up individual functions so no controller input. Thanks to dual-camera system Sony camera offers a depth detection of the room. In addition, both integrated cameras can be used in parallel for different tasks. Such a sensor can take over the motion detection, while the second camera is responsible for the video recording. Both cameras are HD-capable and offers a maximum frame rate of 250 frames per second. Thanks to four microphones, the camera can assign individual sounds in space.

What games for the PS4 camera there?

Camera are currently available for around 50 €. A selling point for the PS4 camera should of course be appropriate games that support the PlayStation 4 camera. On the following pages you will find some games that put already on the PlayStation 4 camera.

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Games for the PS4 camera: an overview

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A must-have camera is really not. Who has the PS4 camera at home? What do you use the device?

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