Amazon stream and transmitted on Prime TV – Here’s how

Amazon Prime video you can watch on your TV set. The streaming service offers to a whole range of options, we show you what you need about how expensive the whole thing is and how streams content from Amazon Prime on the TV.


Useful tips and tricks to Amazon Prime

The offer Amazon Prime video can be accessed through the browser and mobile apps - especially in movies but many viewers prefer the big TV in the living room. The content of Amazon are relatively easy to stream on TV - depending on what kind of device you own, does not even require you to additional equipment.

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Amazon Prime streaming video on the TV

To stream movies and series of Amazon Prime on your TV, there are basically three options:

  • You invite you down the Amazon Prime video app for your smart TV.
  • Your streaming on the computer and connect the computer via an HDMI cable to the TV.
  • Your concern you Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick and connects it to the TV.

The easiest way is to transfer Amazon content certainly, if you already own a smart TV. In this case, you just invite you down the Amazon video app for the TV. Connecting the computer to the HDMI cable is also quite simple, however, there may be problems with the premises. The set-top box Fire TV costs a little more, but but the operation is then also the most comfortable.

So can you movies and series of Amazon Prime on the TV stream

Below, we briefly show you have to proceed as you do when you want to look at the TV Amazon Prime one of the methods described above.

With Smart TV

stream Amazon Video TV

Image: Sony

With a smart TV you are by default connected to the Internet, and can check out additional apps to download for about media libraries or streaming provider to the device. The Amazon Prime app is available for virtually all TV - just go to the home menu of your TV set, searches for Amazon and upload the free app downloaded you. Then you have to log you still with your Amazon account in the app to use the streaming offering.

On the subject:

install apps, delete, and download Sony Bravia

HDMI cable

Amazon Prime TV HDMI cable

Image: Cable Direct


You can the computer via an HDMI cable *Amazon stream and transmitted on Prime TV - Here's how connect to the TV set. HDMI is the current standard connection for multimedia devices and transmits both audio and video signals - so it is perfectly suited to transfer computers, game consoles and other home entertainment products to the television. A 5 meter long cable costs about 10 euros *Amazon stream and transmitted on Prime TV - Here's how - puts it simply in the HDMI output of your graphics card and then to the HDMI input on the TV. Possibly you must then select even remotely the correct input.

With Fire TV or Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Image: Amazon

If you does not have a smart TV, you can the TV fitted with the set top box Fire TV *Amazon stream and transmitted on Prime TV - Here's how retrofit. You close Fire TV to the HDMI input of the TV screen and then connects the device via Wi-Fi with your internet. With Fire TV you get a complete user interface that you can navigate through the film and series offer from Amazon. The operation is carried out by remote control or in newer models with the language assistant Alexa.

Holt you here the latest model to best available rate:

Best on

The Fire TV Stick *Amazon stream and transmitted on Prime TV - Here's how is a (slightly) stripped down version of Fire TV, which costs just under 40 euros, about half, but completely sufficient in principle to stream. The Great Fire TV has built something better hardware - which makes, in principle, but only in some high-powered games felt. Who really only watch television will be well served with the Fire TV Stick.

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