YouTube is no picture? The solutions

If no image can be seen on YouTube, which can have several causes. Often it is the browser or the Flash plugin. We tell you what you can do in this case.


YouTube issues

Although YouTube video playback using HTML5, but old videos are still by flash &# 8220; aired&# 8221 ;. If YouTube is no picture and the screen remains black, then is the common reason. Specifically, due to a bug in the Flash Player plugin. YouTube does not make a sound? solutions&# 8230;

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Black or no image at YouTube &# 8211; solutions

In general, the video is used in the standard YouTube HTML5 for some time to play. Since then, the errors have diminished, but not disappeared. At least they do not lie more on Flash Player. If your browser supports HTML5, shows you a YouTube information page.


YouTube shows no picture, first testing the browser

If the problems are on the browser support, you have two options:

  1. Attempts to load the page in another browser.
  2. Installed a plugin like the YouTube Flash Player for Firefox. He enforces the use of the Flash player, even if the browser was supposed to dominate HTML5.

In rare cases, the problem is due to short-term difficulties of the browser. Tried first of all to clear in your browser cookies. In addition, you should also equal to clear the cache. Usually you can this function in any browser with the Ctrl + Shift + Delete call.


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disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player!

youtube-no-image-flashIf you actually still uses Flash Player to display videos on YouTube and see a picture, perhaps following trick helps:

  1. Click with the right mouse button us video. This opens a context menu.
  2. In it you choose settings.
  3. A tiny menu window appears, as you see in the picture above. Below are several tabs. is the first window display. Inside is the option Enable hardware acceleration and is selected.
  4. Removed the hook and closes the window.
  5. Upload the YouTube screen again, by her F5 or the combination Ctrl + R uses.

Now the video should appear normal. Otherwise deletes according to the above instructions again cookies and cache, close the browser and restarts it. Sometimes the player depends on and is initialized properly again until you do.

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