and for landlords to apply for credit reports available for free, or view online

You can immediately apply for credit reports, for example, if you just are looking for a home and the information is required SCHUFA as quickly as possible to prove your creditworthiness. In addition, it is also possible to obtain a free information &# 8211; we'll show you what options you have and how you can view the information for owners online.

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The credit reports contains information about your personal credit rating and is intended to give an idea of ​​your overall solvency of third parties. Especially from landlords will require a credit reports in general today &# 8211; in many cases not even viewings come about if there is no positive decision SCHUFA present.

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What does SCHUFA file?

In SCHUFA file different data about you is stored that can be used by third parties to to get information about your payment history. Among other things, the following information is contained in the readme file:

  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Leasing and credit agreements
  • accounts payable
  • Mobile accounts (not prepaid contracts)
  • Installment transactions

As a rule, SCHUFA report consists of two parts: The first part is for you, and provides detailed information as in the above list. In addition, there is also the so-called SCHUFA score noted &# 8211; a score of 1-100%, see with the third party at a glance how well it is ordered with your credit (guideline: A score below 95% is considered to be critical). The second part of the credit reports contains a message in which it is noted whether negative entries be of you &# 8211; exactly this part you have the landlord present in terminating a phone this agreement has, etc..

SCHUFA Postbank

At Postbank, you get an instant credit reports to take home for just under 25 euros.

Conveniently, you can the credit reports immediately get and you get the message right away. Is made possible by a collaboration between the SCHUFA with Postbank &# 8211; We explain how.

Credit reports instantly get at Postbank

If you need answered right now SCHUFA quickly or at best, you can use a service Postbank and pick you up at the branches of Postbank to provide information directly and take it since, 2015. For this you need the way a customer of Postbank be &# 8211; the service can be used by anyone. However, the costs in this case a little money &# 8211; if you have some time, you can check out the information free of charge holen- read this in the next section.

  • For immediate information SCHUFA you only need a valid passport, which you mitnehmt in the branch of Postbank.
  • Speak where an employee and explains that you need a credit reports.
  • The bank received your data then to SCHUFA and gives you a password.
  • This password give her a few minutes later in a terminal and then prints you the credit reports from.
  • Cost of immediate information SCHUFA: 24,95 EUR &# 8211; is paid by direct debit.

Advantage of this method: In general, the process made very straightforward. You just go to the store, transmitted your data and have 15 minutes later your credit reports. Clarifies the safety phone in the store on whether the immediate SCHUFA.-information is really available there. From time to time there may be failures and we will link you to another store. An overview of the cooperation partners of SCHUFA can be found also in this overview.

How can you delete Schufa entries?

apply for credit reports online: free version

If you have some extra time, you can of course obtain a free credit reports. According to section 34 of the Federal Data Protection Act you have once a year are entitled to a free credit reports. The article Schufa information get free explains the process in detail. Here before briefly summarized the most important:

  • The information includes all information that is stored at SCHUFA over you.
  • You see where they come from and to whom it was transmitted.
  • All information that address the landlord first nothing, for example, the data of your account or your credit card can, blacken her.

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SCHUFA phone number and other contact information

How to get the free information for landlords?

  • Click on the link below to go to the order.
  • Fill out the form and made a copy of your identity card to. Alternatives: copy of the passport or registration certificate
  • Sends to the document: SCHUFA Holding AG, Postfach 10 25 66 44725 Bochum
  • A few days later receive her your credit reports for the landlord by mail.

Credit reports for landlords: online

Do you choose one of the paid versions, you get two documents:

  • a SCHUFA report that does not contain all SCHUFA data stored on your person, but only the relevant for the landlord.
  • a document with all the data stored about your person SCHUFA data.

The whole thing will cost you € 24.95.

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Order Paid SCHUFA credit check

To your credit reports to see online, you have to decide you beyond for my schufa tariff. In addition, you get a more comprehensive personal telephone service with such a tariff. Click to order on the following button to inform you about the packages and if needed one of them.

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