Soy Luna Staffel 3: When and how to proceed?

From 24 April 2017, the first half of the second season of the Argentinian teen series Soy Luna on domestic screens ran. But as a true fan wants to know now how it will proceed further, we are looking for in this article, the answer to the question: Will there be a third season?

The first 40 episodes of the second season of Soy Luna ran up to 16.06.2017 on the Disney Channel. The second season will consist of 80 episodes - with an intermission after the first 40 episodes. When it goes on with the other 40 episodes after the break, is not yet known. Either way: With the release of the second season the long wait of the fans is finally over since 15 December 2016th


Trailer for Soy Luna Staffel 2

What does Disney Channel to a third season?

Officials there are so far no statement - rather, not yet. Disney Channel will be simply still busy with the production of the episodes for the second season. The broadcasting thereof will probably attract even until autumn 2017th Before this, no responsible person is likely to make another season thoughts. Until we get from official confirmation, it will still take quite a while. If there is information in this regard, of course, you learn of it here.

Soy Luna Staffel 3: When and how to proceed?

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Those who can not until the third season, has a chance next year, Luna watch live. Along with several other performers &# 8211; including Ruggero Pasquarelli, Valentina Zenere, Michaela Ronda and Carolina Kopelioff &# 8211; will perform songs from the series. The tour starts on 15/03/2018 and ends on 08/04/2018 in Hamburg in Leipzig. Luna &# 8211; or rather the actress and singer Karol Sevilla &# 8211; will perform in 11 cities, including Vienna. Tickets are available depending on the city starting at 36.70 euros. So you should secure tickets quickly *Soy Luna Staffel 3: When and how to proceed? and, observing that young people can attend the concert must be accompanied by an authorized officer under 14. The concert might look something like this:

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So it looks like when Disney Princesses meet Pokémon

Until then, you can drive you with these products the time:

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How likely is a sequel?

Soy Luna Staffel 3: When and how to proceed?

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Also, one waits to see how the ratings, which play an essential role in the question of a sequel, develop. Official figures do not yet exist in this regard, however.

The makers of Luna Soy Jorge Nisco and Martín Saban were also for the success series Violetta *Soy Luna Staffel 3: When and how to proceed? responsible. Since this has also made it at an approximately equal success and hype like Soy Luna on three season, one can speculate for Soy Luna that a third season is very likely.

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