Stardew Valley: Iridium farms – Here’s

In Stardew Valley needed her Iridium to maximally improve your tools, iridium sprinkler or the coveted Iridium band to craft. However, you will find relatively little iridium in the game. We show you how quickly gets her more of the ore and it can systematically farms.

Stardew Valley: Iridium farms - Here's

Stardew Valley farms Iridium

Iridium Ore (Ore) is the best ore can you find in Stardew Valley. Then, when you manufactures Iridium 5 bars of 25 ores, so you can bring your tools to the best state to manage your farm effectively. Also, the Iridium band or iridium sprinklers are very useful, but can only be produced with sufficient iridium.

Initially, you can find just follows her Iridium:

  • At rare sites in the mine.
  • High-level monsters drop Iridium sometimes.
  • Iridium can be found in geodes, if the Schmied Clint shattered this for you.
  • In very few chests Marry her fishing.

If you rely only on these sites, it can take a long time sometimes, until you have the required 25 Iridium Ore together to perform a tool upgrade. We now show comes as her quickly to more ore.

Tip: In the following video you can see well, how can you farms Hardwood: Stardew Valley: Hardwood farms (hardwood) and enter Secret Woods - Here&# 8217; s.


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Stardew Valley: Insufficient Iridium - more farms in the Skull Cavern

To farm more Iridium Ore in Stardew Valley, makes her the following:

  1. Repaired the bus for the desert Calico Desert: Stardew Valley: Bus repair to the desert Calico Desert (Bus Repair) - Here&# 8217; s.
  2. Get yourself the Skull Key: Stardew Valley: Skull Key - How to get? Where use? (Key)
  3. Ensures that their finds in your inventory following:
    Stardew Valley: You should prepare yourself well on the Iridium farms.

    Stardew Valley: You should prepare yourself well on the Iridium farms.

    • Gold Pickaxe (recommended) and sword or other strong weapon.
    • About 10 to 15 stacks, each with 999 Stone (Stone) to crafting Staircases. Your fast as you can get a lot stone in the deeper mines by her degrades the big rocks with your pickaxe (Pickaxe).
    • About 10 to 30 omelets to replenish energy + Health again.
    • About 20 to 50 Bomb or MegaBomb to degrade the Iridium Ore faster.
    • A Warp Totem to the farm to get home quickly.
    • Craftet from your Stone about 16 Staircases, you have with inventory.
  4. If you have collected all the resources that should secure their your save game so that you can from here started again if something goes wrong: Stardew Valley: Save games folder & Manually save and load - Here&# 8217; s on location.
  5. Ride now as early as possible goes into the Skull Cavern to the desert and.

    Stardew Valley: In deep levels of the Skull Cavern Iridium is very common.

    Stardew Valley: In deep levels of the Skull Cavern Iridium is very common.

  6. now uses sequence and repeatedly the Staircase to move you one level deeper. When they go out, you craftet with your stone stock again New.
  7. Does that until you are as deep as possible. The last 5 Staircaises can you pick up you at first, and then to use this as needed.
  8. You should get between 100 and 150 to the reservoir to a level depth. There, the iridium deposits are much more common, but there are also increasingly monster.
  9. If you see several iridium wires, then uses the Bomb or MegaBomb to quickly eliminate them all at once. Removed you but from the explosion radius.
  10. If you are hit by opponents, uses the omelets to regenerate you.
  11. If you can hires it right, so you should at least 100 Iridium Ore on the day gathering.
  12. Have you sufficiently degraded iridium, you can go back to your farm with the Warp totem.

If you arrived on your farm, you can restore the Iridium bars (Furnace) and coal from the Iridium Ore using the kiln.

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