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Double Driver is a freeware tool that you can secure the drivers of your PC to restore them at a later date. It's worth it when you newly puts on a PC or moves.

Double Driver makes a backup of your driver to you later, perhaps to spare a lot of work. One of the most annoying tasks when you get a new PC or have to rebuild a computer because of a virus, is searching for the driver. Each connected or integrated device requires its own driver. And before you can search the internet which you have to first of all the exact device name to know.

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Double Driver Features

The main function of Double Driver is clearly in Saving the driver on the hard drive (or USB stick) in order to restore them at a later date. The special feature in mind that this tool can back up your drivers in the current system.

Double Driver

Double Driver sure your driver

The portable program takes you up the search for the drivers and scans all relevant areas automatically. Then you get a list of drivers found is displayed and you can choose you who want to save her. In the default settings only drivers will be checked, the non-Microsoft. That makes sense, because they are, after all, to find already in Windows.

Double Driver has three methods to save the driver found:

  • In structured folders: Here all the driver files are separately stored in directories that are classified by categories of drivers (USB, printers, display ...).
  • In a ZIP folder: Basically the same as in the normal folder structure, only the result is still zipped and takes up so much less space.
  • In a self-extracting executable file: Where a folder structure is also applied, then it is compressed and then stored as an EXE file. This is a good method if you want to save space at the same time and are not sure if you already can unzip data on the target system.

restore backed drivers with Double Driver

Double Driver can restore the backup driver on the target system quickly. Since the portable tool runs from a USB flash drive, you can store it there together with the driver backup.

When restoring, which in this English-language program &Restore; # 8220&# 8221; calls, you can then specify the location of the backed up driver itself. It is even possible to download a zipped backup. Double Driver unzipped himself and then writes the driver to the right place.

This little tool requires no technical knowledge. Basically, we need only once to scan your system, ensure the selected drivers and then save the tool together with the backup to a USB recovery stick. With any luck, her driver backup never need. And even if their bad luck have, you save Double Driver half the day!


  • Finds all drivers themselves
  • portable program
  • Can the driver also store compressed and restore


  • No

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