use free Netflix: These legal options exist

What legal options are available to use Netflix for free? We have informed us about the streaming service and held for alternatives.

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Netflix: Tips & tricks

use free Netflix: exploit trial month

Netflix comes from home therefore with a free trial month. This can use their completely, even if you unsubscribes before the end of the free 30 days to pay anything. More information about the trial month and Netflix offer found at the following links:

  • Netflix: How the free trial month - trial month notice
  • Netflix: Offer from movies and series in Germany - How good is the selection?
  • Netflix: Is it worth the subscription? Or max cathedrals and Amazon Prime better?

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use Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Co together and save money

Theoretically, it would of course be possible to again and again to log in to Netflix to always use the Probo month. For one, although this contradicts the terms of use of the streaming service, Netflix on the other hand noted the payment information that you must specify when registering. With the same information you can not log in twice to. Although this could be theoretically with a prepaid credit card or similar deal, but we can only advise to try this.

Netflix available free of charge on Vodafone

vodafone*use free Netflix: These legal options existAre you already looking for a new smartphone or mobile phone contract, you can watch the Red tariffs from Vodafone *use free Netflix: These legal options exist take a closer look. Bay you any of these tariffs, will receive their Netflix six months for free. Those are always good 50 euros, which one saves by this offer.

At the Vodafone Red tariffs

test other streaming services

Almost all streaming providers which are active in Germany, offer a free trial month or at least a very kostenkünstige test period, which can be used without having to use a later mandatory subscription. So you can shimmy a while legally of trial subscription to trial subscription, at least.

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These secret codes Netflix discovered her hidden Movies

  • When you get max cathedrals currently 3 months for only 7.99 Euro *.
  • Also on Watch Ever there is a similar offer, three months for each 2.99 euro.
  • Even Amazon Prime can you 30 days for free *use free Netflix: These legal options exist, and thus not only stream video, but also receive packages for free.


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