IKEA: order spare parts online

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA is one of the first points of contact when it comes to procure furniture and small parts for the apartment. After moving to an apartment or a remodel of the room design of their own homes often one or the other screw missing. Here you learn how you can order replacement parts for furniture at IKEA.

IKEA: order spare parts online

IKEA offers a convenient way to to reorder missing screws or boards without having to buy the whole piece of furniture new. Easy and fast as you can spare parts for IKEA using the appropriate form *IKEA: order spare parts online reorder online.


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IKEA spare parts quickly and simply order online (Update)

Want to order their IKEA parts online is as follows:

  1. Opens the home of IKEA *IKEA: order spare parts onlineIKEA: order spare parts online.
  2. Give up in the search bar &# 8220; Parts&# 8221; and click on the result.
  3. In the now open spare parts order form you can enter the required information such as the article or part number.
  4. The part numbers can you remove the IKEA instructions.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Soon keep her your IKEA necessary spare parts in his hands.

(Thanks to reader A. Teske for the tip)

If the corresponding component no longer be produced or in stock, you can offer your luck through third parties on Amazon and Co. try. Searches for the equivalent term for the missing part of the name of the IKEA furniture piece and you get ideally a selection of spare parts as a result alternatives such. As pins for the shelf system &# 8220; IVAR&# 8221; *IKEA: order spare parts online.

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Here IKEA spare parts online

Provide it immediately after purchase after unpacking the goods found that one or the other part is missing to your furniture, grab the bill, delivery note and other documents for furniture such as the article number, etc., and place yourselves directly to the customer service in the IKEA store. There you will usually get without hesitation all the necessary parts, if these are available.


If the parts are not present or do you have an older piece of furniture, you can directly order spare parts online at IKEA:

  1. Opens this the contact form at IKEA.
  2. Seeks to "store" the IKEA store of near you.
  3. you can select via "Product" select "Ordering spare parts".
  4. Here you can now enter all the information that is important for ordering spare parts. These include the article number and -name. Ideally, you know the part number. If not, you have the opportunity to own explanation in words and a photo to add missing part to your concerns.
  5. About "Send request" your spare part request at IKEA is forwarded.
  6. After a processing time an IKEA employee should make direct contact with you to arrange the next steps for ordering spare parts.

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IKEA: order spare parts online or via hotline

An order of spare parts is also possible via telephone hotline. Used for this purpose the number of IKEA service hotline: 061 92-93 99 99 9 should have ready her for a quick processing all the information, including the description of the furniture and the missing part Again. In addition, you have the opportunity to establish contact with the service of the furniture store by e-mail.

We show you also where you IKEA instructions can be found online.

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