Dark Souls 3: find Karla – so you recruit the witch

Karla the witch is a powerful sorceress in Dark Souls 3, you can learn especially dark magic of the. Only when you can give her special folios who accept neither Cornyx yet Irina of you. We show you in this guide, where you can find Karla and she recruited for your fire band Shrine.

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at Karla can learn their dark magic and miracles. However, it is Dungeon of Irithyll enclosed and must first be freed of you before it turns into your services. We show you how you can free Karla. In our test to Dark Souls 3 you read also our final judgment on the role play.


Dark Souls 3 in the test

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For Karla: Dark Souls 3 &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

  1. Make your way to the lowest level of Dungeon of Irithyll past the first dungeon tract and the area with the sleeping giant.
  2. You come in a large range of cells with many guards who patrol in a circle.
  3. The first cell on the right side houses Karla the witch. The cell is closed and you also can not talk to her.dark-souls-3-Karla-cell
  4. To unlock it, you need to Key of the guard.
  5. This is, when you further into the Godless capital goes.
  6. Stay tuned right here, you come into a toxic swamp with a small chapel.
  7. Climb to the roof and the stairs going to the chapel up back in the Dungeon of Irithyll.
  8. At the end of the hallway you will find the Key of the guard at a corpse.dark-souls-3-des-key keeper
  9. Now go back to Karlas Zelle and closes it up.
  10. Selected in consultation with their options &# 8220; offer help&# 8221; and &# 8220; Save her anyway&# 8221;, so that they teleport to the fire tape Shrine.

dark-souls-3-Karla recruit

In the fire belt Shrine Karla suggests their camp left under the stairs near Schmied Andre on.

Dark Souls 3 - Key: Benefits and localities

Karla's offer

At Karla can you certain Tome of Pyromancy Make that Cornyx refuses from the great swamp to accept. These are:

  • Tome of Izalith
  • Tome of grave guard

Likewise, it takes Dark Wonder folios at. However, it does so reluctantly and only after a new request. This but you must not give Irina of Carim, which disappears after the teachings of dark wonders from your fire band Shrine. The wonder-tome is:

  • Tome of the abyss
  • Tome of Londor

It has here to learn no negative impact dark wonder of Karla. Karla entire range You can extract the following table.

Pyromancy / Miracle costs Tome required 
dark cutting8000none
sinister blade10,000Tome of Londor
vow of silence15,000Tome of Londor
renewed death5000Tome of Londor
Low voltage protection4000Tome of the abyss
erosion2000Tome of the abyss
fiery whip10,000Tome of Quelana
firestorm15,000Tome of Quelana
harmony7000Tome of Quelana
black flame10,000Tome of grave guard
Black Fireball10,000Tome of grave guard

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