WhatsApp for Samsung: Download, install and launch

You have no access to the Google Play Store, or temporarily no access to the Internet, you can also install without their Play Store WhatsApp for Samsung. For this you just invite you downloaded the installation file, WhatsApp.apk. Now with appropriate settings you can the app without internet and install Play Store on your device. For detailed instructions on how to install cast a glance in the article APK: Apps without Google Play Store to read. After installing WhatsApp it creates your account. Over the device you will receive a text message with her confirmed access to WhatsApp on your Samsung. The WhatsApp contacts are automatically pulled from your Samsung phone book. Here you must do so no more. Now you your own profile picture and WhatsApp status can adjust and already you can get started with the WhatsApp chat.


Gallery Best Whatsapp status messages

  • (Picture 1/50):
    MISTAKE !, said the hedgehog and rose from the toilet brush.

  • (Picture 2/50):
    Since the bulb sobs: "I am shocked!"

  • (Picture 3/50):
    I like this: Oh please! My life so: Nope!

  • (Picture 4/50):
    I do not read instructions, I press buttons work up there.

  • (Picture 5/50):
    I'd rather be rich than sexy, but what can you do ?!

  • (Picture 6/50):
    God created the time of haste he did not say anything.

  • (Picture 7/50):
    My girlfriend thinks I'd be curious ... at least is that in her diary.

  • (Picture 8/50):
    is the best side in the world and remains GIGA.DE.

  • (Picture 9/50):
    Actually I wanted to conquer the world - but it's raining!

  • (Picture 10/50):
    ... and so I ended up with a spoon in front of the Nutella jar! - The reason why Jens his personal Whatsapp status favorite is: "Because: Nutella!"

  • (Picture 11/50):
    I hate them, these people who in mid-sentence ...

  • (Picture 12/50):
    As God forgave the sense of direction, I had lost my way!

  • (Picture 13/50):
    Here could be your advertising.

  • (Picture 14/50):
    My shin helps me to find furniture in the dark.

  • (Picture 15/50):
    savewater / shower together

  • (Picture 16/50):
    Sure you can sign Flag, stop just not with me.

  • (Picture 17/50):
    Cell division complacent? o 0 oo 8

  • (Picture 18/50):
    You and I, hand in hand, on the way to kebab stand - This is dearest in the rest Martins Whatsapp status.

  • (Picture 19/50):
    I go with you to the end of the world ... and then I schubs you.

  • (Picture 20/50):
    The student studied the worker works, the chief raking.

  • (Picture 21/50):
    I hab'nen tinnitus in mind. I only see pipes!

  • (Picture 22/50):
    Bye level and decency - until Monday.

  • (Picture 23/50):
    Abi can be repeated - not parties.

  • (Picture 24/50):
    Hey there! WhatsApp is using me.

  • (Picture 25/50):
    Before it gets embarrassing, I prefer to ask Google ...

  • (Picture 26/50):
    Does anyone still ass cards? I collect the fact ...

  • (Picture 27/50):
    I'm not lazy, I'm in power saving mode.

  • (Picture 28/50):
    Better a frog in the throat than no breakfast.

  • (Picture 29/50):
    Speech is silver, excuses are gold!

  • (Picture 30/50):
    If the cow is buzzing in the sky, nature has been wrong!

  • (Picture 31/50):
    The wiser tilts.

  • (Picture 32/50):
    When I was little, it still was dealing with stickers.

  • (Picture 33/50):
    My plants are not dead, they only grow crispy!

  • (Picture 34/50):
    My neighbors listen to good music, whether they like it or not!

  • (Picture 35/50):
    I'm fat and single - bang next Pringle.

  • (Picture 36/50):
    You know what's amazing? - No. - A piece of metal with 'nem wooden stick to it!

  • (Picture 37/50):
    You do not have to like me. I'm not much of a Facebook status! - You can also did not like me, you do not have a Like button!

  • (Picture 38/50):
    Somebody called me lazy today. I almost told him yet.

  • (Picture 39/50):
    Seeking man with a ponytail. Hair care.

  • (Picture 40/50):
    How can one minute, depends on which side of the bathroom door you are in!

  • (Picture 41/50):
    I have no quirks! These are special effects!

  • (Picture 42/50):
    9 out of 10 voices say I was crazy. The 10 voice whistles Samsung notification.

  • (Picture 43/50):
    They will not grow up, only the toys are more expensive.

  • (Picture 44/50):
    I would like to have dinner as tired as the morning!

  • (Picture 45/50):
    Times you are the tree - sometimes you're the dog!

  • (Picture 46/50):
    On the edge of my mind my madness giggles.

  • (Picture 47/50):
    Grow up? I do so much crap with, but not everything!

  • (Picture 48/50):
    Hey there! I am abusing WhatsApp.

  • (Picture 49/50):
    This contact has blocked you.

  • (Picture 50/50):
    Amazing how many people are confused when a sentence not as potato ends as you would ...

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WhatsApp for Samsung: Download, install and Tips

WhatsApp can be found on almost any smartphone again and the SMS has long be forgotten. You wish to install WhatsApp for Samsung, it does not matter which smartphone you possess made by the South Korean company. WhatsApp can be both Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Wave and install many more. With a little detour, you can install the messenger to tablet. In the corresponding guidance of Jens you learn how to use WhatsApp on Galaxy Tab 3 and Co. or WhatsApp on Samsung devices without SIM card can use.


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