Samsung Gear fit2 Pro to the test: semi SmartWatch, semi Fitness Bracelet

I get home and the Gear fit2 Pro praises me for the bike ride. The Samsung bracelet automatically detects the activity, I had to enter neither start and end times to do is choose the type of movement - as you wish for that! As the bracelet suggests otherwise? We have the Gear fit2 Pro, semi fitness bracelet, semi SmartWatch tested - by the way, in combination with the iPhone. Here in the video our idea of ​​the band:


Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro in the Hands-On

Our test verdict on Samsung Gear fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear fit2 Pro is an interesting mix of fitness tracker and smartwatch. Who functions and display of the bands sufficient, the benefits in daily life mainly from the significantly longer battery life as opposed to a smart watch: Up to four days were in the test there, but shrink when using GPS for a few hours.

With the Pro version, Samsung has the Gear fit2 made even a little better: Thanks to water protection, it is suitable for swimming tracking. The great automatics are missing standards (alarm clock) and a cumbersome operation partly clouded somewhat.

Samsung Gear fit2 Pro in review: Rating

  • samsung-gear-fit2-per-giga-evaluation-badgeDesign and processing: 4/5
  • Functionality: 4/5
  • Operation of Tracker and App: 3/5
  • Practicality: 4/5

Rating: 75 percent

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History presentation on the Gear fit2 Pro: Everything detected automatically.

History presentation on the Gear fit2 Pro: Everything detected automatically.

Pro: The liked us at the Pro fit2

  • The automatic detection of activities (which are Anfeuerungs messages), and sleep has usually works very well.
  • In addition to displaying on the bracelet, the Samsung health app displays worked well the course of the records to, but without much interpretation. Example: Pulse.
  • The Gear fit2 Pro is measured light and comfortable to wear on a watch.
  • With Apps is missing features and (fitness) can be retrofitted services.
  • If the Gear fit2 Pro once reasonably complete, it can be for example during sport make good even without Smartphone - thanks to GPS, something to store music and the ability to connect a Bluetooth headset.

Cons: We thought that was not so good

  • An automatic brightness adjustment of the otherwise good OLED displays do not exist. The screen can thus sometimes much too bright, sometimes much too dark. In the latter case, the manual change is difficult.
  • For wearing the bracelet at night, and generally for a fitness bracelet, the Gear fit2 Pro is borderline high.
  • Minor inconsistencies, such as: The display will light even at arm rotation when the tape identifies the user as dormant.
  • An alarm clock is not integrated from the outset, and the installation of the app a bit cumbersome.
  • A lack of iPhone owners: Although Samsung wants Health access to the fitness data on the iPhone, but adds to the Apple Health app not about the self-collected data (heart rate, etc.).

Different watch designs, Pulse, weather - properties similar to a watch, with a display mirroring.

Different watch designs, Pulse, weather - properties similar to a watch, with a display mirroring.

Samsung Gear fit2 Pro: Good to know

  • There are two different sizes. Anyone who owns a slim wrist should definitely choose the smaller version ( "S" instead of "L"). The display is always 1.5 inches tall.
  • On the smartphone two apps you need: Gear Fit is used to adapt the bracelet and install apps, Samsung Health for analysis and configuration of health data.
  • Also in connection with the iPhone - tested by me in this combination - the work is meaningful. The tape shows, for example, on the birthdays of Facebook called, appointments and incoming iMessage messages. Answers, as with the Apple Watch, however, you can not.
  • And also a language assistant is not integrated.

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Sebastian Trepesch

"Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro"

75 out of 100 points

(19 October 2017)

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