Rocket League play in split screen – is that possible?

Online matches in Rocket League are all well and good, but to gamble on a split screen with buddies makes the same again so much fun. But what about since in the mix of football and racing game? Can you Rocket League play in split screen? We tell you everything you need to know about the local multiplayer mode of the game.

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Let yourself Rocket League play in split screen? The answer is: Of course! Not only has an extensive on-Partenkirchen car ball game, even without internet you can compete with up to three buddies to the coffee co-op. What opportunities it in Split screen mode did we tell you below.


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Rocket League play in split screen

Rocket League is a Multiplayer fun as long gone, whom you along with three friends in split-screen can play. Here you can both together against bots or in small teams against each other compete. Here you have the choice between the following constellations.

  • Single (1 vs. 1)
  • Double (2 vs. 2)
  • Standard (3 vs. 3)
  • Chaos (4 vs. 4)

Here, although the game cut for each additional player is slightly smaller and the index can go west before, but that's erupted in goal celebrations under again.

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With four players it can get hectic on the pitch times.

Rocket League play on the Online Split Screen

Likewise, you can in Online Split Screen playing with others. While you playing online on PC does not cost anything, need more players on the PlayStation 4 only a normal PSN Account. A paid PS Plus membership got to only one person have in your player group. Elsewhere, we tell you how you can create in 5 minutes a PSN account.

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Rocket League this month for free on PS Plus

Will you chase on the PS4 the ball, you have the way with a valid PS Plus membership in July the possibility Rocket League download free and as long to play as long as PS Plus is active.

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