Versailles Season 2: Start of the second season in Germany stands at

The audience and the critics are enthusiastic about the Canadian-French co-production. Supposedly have flowed alone for the first season almost 27 million euros. So that the series would be the most expensive production on European soil. That the money seems to be well spent, shows the features of the series. After Season 1 was a great success, we ordered immediately of "Versailles" a Season 2. Now is also clear when and where the second season of "Versailles" is broadcast.

Versailles Season 2: Start of the second season in Germany stands at
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Anyone nostalgic for the great series "The Tudors *Versailles Season 2: Start of the second season in Germany stands at"Thinks back and these missing can his hunger on a historical drama with luxurious features and bare skin since 2015 in the first ten episodes of the series" silent Versailles ". This time we are not, however, in the Renaissance and even in 16th century England. "Versailles" is playing in the same castle near Paris. It is about the rise of Louis IX. the absolute ruler of France and thus a model of many other European princes.

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Versailles - Sky Atlantic - Trailer

"Versailles": start date of the second season on Sky


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The first season of "Versailles" showed a young König Ludwig. This is just 28 years old. Even as a 4-year-old he had inherited his father's throne. Louis XIV. Has big plans. He wants to break the networks of the old nobility apart to power in France is again in the future solely with the king. Ludwig has just moved his court from Paris to Versailles. The plot of the second season of "Versailles" begins four years after the first season. The palace of Louis grows parallel to its political power. But where power is also growing responsibility &# 8211; his opponents are looking for ways to Ludwig

  • As of May 1, there are five new episodes of "Versailles" in the original version of Sky to see. Available are the episodes on Sky On Demand, Sky Go and Sky ticket.
  • a new sequence is then provided weekly.
  • The Complete First Season is available through the "Sky Box Sets".
  • As of Monday, June 5, is "Versailles" in German and in the original in double episodes on "Sky Atlantic" going on.

To see "Versailles" on TV, you need the entertainment package * Sky or book the appropriate Sky ticket.

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Who plays whom in "Versailles"?

role nameactor
Louis IX.George Blagden
Phillippe I. Herzog of OrléansAlexander Vlahos
Alexandre BontempsStuart Bowman
Fabien MarchalTygh Runyan
Anne of AustriaDominique Blanc
Henrietta of EnglandNoémie Schmidt
Chevalier de LorraineEvan Williams
Béatrice de Lorraine HiéronymeAmira Casar
Françoise-Athénaïs, Marquise de MontespanAnna Brewster
Louise de La VallièreSarah winter
ClaudineLizzie Brocheré
Jean-Babtiste ColbertSteve Cumyn
François-Michel le Tellier, Marquis de LouvoisJoe Sheridan
Jacques-Bénigne BossuetGeoffrey BAteman
André Le NôtreThierry Harcourt

Where "Versailles" On Season 2?

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  • The first season of "Versailles" was released on June 11, in 2016 on Sky Atlantic. Almost exactly a year later it's there by the new episodes of the second season.
  • Already there from May 1, the first five episodes of the second season on the online offers from Sky.
  • We can not tell you at this point, when and if ye &# 8220; Versailles&# 8221; can watch at one of the well-known VoD provider on free TV or in the stream.
  • The filming of "Versailles" Season 2 were started in early 2016th It is, as in Season 1, 10 episodes give again.

there is also the confirmation just before the start of the second season that Versailles will get a third season. Season 3 of the European mega production has already finished screenplays that production starts in April 2017th

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