War Thunder: Ground Forces vs. World of Tanks – The differences in detail

If War Thunder: Ground Forces playing against World of Tanks in comparison, raises many questions about the content, gameplay and game modes. We compare the two tanks games and explain the differences in detail.


War Thunder: Victory is Ours - Live-action trailer

War Thunder: Ground Forces by Gaijin Entertainment and World of Tanks of wargaming have a lot in common. Both studios are from the Russian space and have tanks and the Second World War on the subject. But while World of Tanks puts on tactical combat value and can be left out realism, War Thunder continues its focus on complex possible gameplay. And the graphics of War Thunder is undoubtedly the most beautiful!

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War Thunder: Ground Forces vs World of Tanks - Gameplay

Both games give here anything because it comes to driving around with a tank to kill enemy tanks and take tactical points. But while the latter is frowned upon in Wargamings tank battle, conquering in War Thunder is more brought into focus.

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As long as we catch any team or key components, we are able to penetrate the armor of the enemy as often as we want. The enemy is still not burst!

, The reason is that you do not have one, but several tanks at gaijins battles that you are leading the field in sequence. And whenever it has caught you. In World of Tanks after the last blast is forcibly closing. Therefore, the battles in War Thunder usually last longer and because you do not know how many vehicles the enemy still has, is to conquer the safe way to victory.

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In World of Tanks all hits that pass causing even damage to the Life Points. They're gone, the armor is gone.

Furthermore, World of Tanks works much easier than War Thunder. You just shoots at the enemy and when you penetrate the armor life points will be deducted until the tank bursts. By contrast, in War Thunder you have not kicked the bucket not gain life and as long as your crew, the fuel ignites or ammunition goes up, your vehicle can keep fighting indefinitely.

Research priorities and premium currency

The development of new vehicles and components is progressing differently in the games. In World of Tanks her experience for the entire vehicle, which distributes it free to the components get. In War Thunder you must specify before the battle, which upgrade should be explored. Also, you can accelerate research for real currency.

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The research system of War Thunder works on research priorities.

In terms of premium currency, that is real money, the two games differ not great, because you can buy premium season, premium vehicles and cosmetic frills in both tanks games, with the latter War Thunder better choice and more design options - including specially graphics created &# 8211; offers.

War Thunder: Ground Forces vs World of Tanks - The selection

While the aircraft selection is truly gigantic in War Thunder, you get to ground vehicles so far only tanks from Germany, the US and the Soviet Union to face. Within these nations but everything is there that desires the tank driver's heart. Tiger, Panther, T-34, IS-1, Sherman and Pershing so all are.

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War Thunder offers all the World War tanks, but only three nations.

These beautiful tank but there are also all in World of Tanks, where Wargamings Panzerhatz still can play more nations such as France, Britain, China and Japan, and you as the weapon carrier E-100 offers bizarre prototypes and Fantasy tanks. However you explain War Thunder better what components and which crew member in which tanks where to sit. Ye your tactics can adapt.

War Thunder: Ground Forces vs World of Tanks - The game modes

In the category of game modes there is the biggest difference between the two games, because during World of Tanks offers only one geared to balancing arcade mode, War Thunder flaunts beyond a realistic mode and simulation battles. The realistic mode offers some interesting challenges and in the simulation all your tanks instincts are required!

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aircraft are &# 8211; to the chagrin of purists tanks &# 8211; firmly War Thunder.

For this, the battles at gaijins tank game take a long time and you can not plan well your tactics and strategies, because in each battle can emerge aircraft and wegbomben your tanks from the air. By contrast, in World of Tanks there are no pilots and 15 tanks per team with no respawns. A clear situation.

worldoftanks 2014-11-13 16-23-57-507

The Fort mode of World of Tanks is an innovation for clans.

World of Tanks has for some time also a special fortress mode in which you collect for your Clan resources in combat and thus expanding a base, which in turn are all members of bonuses. For this, you can also launch solo campaigns, and even create their own scenarios, maps and items in the editor and upload War Thunder Live in War Thunder!

War Thunder vs. World of Tanks

War Thunder
  • Dynamic damage model
  • Detailed physics model
  • Complex gameplay with many factors
  • Arcade Mode
  • Realistic mode
  • Simulation mode
  • Respawns and extra-life
  • Aircraft in tank battles
  • Platform for self-created content
  • Appropriate selection of tanks from three nations
World of Tanks
  • Simple damage model with life points
  • Simple physics model
  • Tactically balanced game mode
  • Simple, easy to learn gameplay
  • Only tanks, airplanes or ships sparks between them
  • Fort mode for clans
  • Realism reduced in favor of playability
  • Huge tanks selection from seven nations
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