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Who At length, a new Android smartphone, z. As a Samsung Galaxy S7, is pre-installed numerous apps in general. With simple standard tools and without root can this "bloatware", so apps that you do not actually need, not delete, but to save system resources, can the Android apps disable.

Find out here which apps you can disable and what pre-installed applications you should stay away. The first point to say that the creation of a list of apps that can be disabled or deleted on Android, is very difficult, after all, every manufacturer and network provider delivers its devices with completely different pre-installed applications.


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Disable Apps: How to&# 8217; s on Android

Disabling Apps is often useful because applications without use of resources such. B. performance or battery, waste. In addition, the App Drawer is filled by useless entries. To disable an app that does the following:

  1. controls the Settings App Android device to.
  2. Here a list of the apps is mostly under "Apps" and often "Applications" or "Application Manager" on the device.
  3. Let you here "all" Apps Show.
  4. Retrieves the items that want to disable it or even delete it.
  5. For preinstalled applications that can be erased only by root, is "Disable". Presses the button, confirms the request and the application is stopped. System apps can not be deactivated, the button is grayed out.
  6. Now the system resources that were occupied by the app are exposed. If you determines that the smartphone to malfunction or crash some apps, you can the app through the same button switch on again.


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So you can disable Android Apps

A selection of apps that you can safely disable, found in the XDA forum. For this gehlren z. B. "S Health", "TouchWiz" or "S Voice". Also KLMSAgent and MyPlaces one of the Android apps that can be disabled. Note that some of these applications are automatically reactivated once you restarts the Android smartphone. Note that it may under certain circumstances result in data loss or errors in the use of the device when certain apps are disabled. therefore switches off only those applications where you are you sure you they will not use and no other app has access to it. Who z. As the "Gallery" app disabled must expect to be able to watch any more images.

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Who wants to delete the apps completely, should think about installing a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. Elsewhere, we show you how to remove bloatware from your PC.


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