MyVideo to MP3: Convert videos to MP3 (converter)

If you want a video or a short clip of MyVideo in an MP3 file &# 8211; For example, for offline use &# 8211; would like to convert, requires a free converter tool. We tell you how the MP3 conversion succeeds guaranteed.

MyVideo to MP3: Convert videos to MP3 (converter)

YouTube, MyVideo and Co. do not look happy when their users download videos or convert such into an MP3 file. A corresponding function will therefore seek in vain on the video platforms her. Fortunately, there are plenty of free converter software that makes easy converting from one video to an MP3 file you.

Myvideo to MP3

For easy conversion of a videos of MyVideo in an MP3, we recommend the free program ClipGrap, which is available for both Windows and Mac and Linux. If the application is installed and running on your computer, you have to open the browser and copy the URL from the address bar only the desired video.

Now returns to clip grave and adds the video URL in the tab "Downloads" one. then selects the format &MP3; # 8220&# 8243 ;, to obtain only the audio file of the video and clicks the button &# 8220; Download this video&# 8221 ;. Clip grave then still prompts the download name and the storage destination and start the download.


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