Change name: Which way and what reasons you need?

No decision persecute you in your life as long as the choice of the first name by the parents. The naming is (BGB) in the Civil Code regulated. Most take their own name out as part of one's personality. In some cases, however, there is discontent, ultimately the choice of the first name rarely is in our own hands. But one can change his first name? In our guide you will find the answer.

Change name: Which way and what reasons you need?

In fact, there are some ways in which you can change the name. An application must be submitted to the registry office. Quite easily this does not work. Regulations please refer to the "Law on the change of surnames and first names." In § 1 states:

"The family name of a German national or a stateless person who has his domicile or habitual residence in the German Reich can be changed on request."

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Change name: Reasons

"Name may only be changed if there is good reason to justify its change, and that the public interest in maintaining the previous name is less evaluate. "(NamÄndVwV no. 62)

the reasons are deemed "important" a precise execution, but is not found in the law, but is the judgment in the hands of the registrar. Grounds upon which you can make change the first name, would be about:

  • religious motives
  • Traumatic experiences from childhood, are closely associated with the name.
  • There is a name that the majority sees as offensive.
  • The current name is perfect for word games or ridicule.
  • The current name is awkward to pronounce and to write complicated.
  • The sex is not clear from the current name.
  • Adjustment of the name according to gender reassignment

It is therefore not possible to change its name if one is merely dissatisfied with his name or like Homer Simpson when he renamed "Max Power" just want to put a fescheren name.

Name change at the registry office

Is a front of the reasons mentioned above, you can request a change of the name in the name change agency charge. This is usually in on inhabitants or registry office. The fees can range up to 255 €. For this, the cost of changing the name come to current documents, eg. As the identity card and driving license.


The request must be in writing, appropriate forms are available at the authority. Here also the reasons for changing the first name must be indicated. In addition, the application must copies of personal documents such. As the passport and ID card, be settled. If the name change approved, you will receive a corresponding certificate as proof. can increase the chance of a successful name change, among others, by presenting a medical or psychological certificate which proves the mental burden of the current name.

Alternatively, the complete change of the first name, a second first name can be added.

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