Windows Explorer has stopped working – Causes and Solutions

There are several reasons why you suddenly no longer can access the Explorer, all they have in common, however, that this is a bug in the system. We explain to you how you have to do if it means that the Windows Explorer has stopped working.

Windows Explorer has stopped working - Causes and Solutions

If you no longer get into the Explorer of your system, then this can have a number of reasons. We count you the most common cases and deliver to solutions.

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Windows Explorer has stopped working

Check PC for viruses

One can not mention often enough: Let regularly examine your computer for viruses and malware. Malware can limit the functionality of PCs strong and as a result cause errors it. Be still and run a virus scanner on your system, you will find the necessary software to our download area.

update driver

Just as important as the protection against viruses is to update all possible software and hardware drivers on the computer. Outdated drivers for video and sound card can cause the Windows Explorer no longer works.

Check system file

Starts following the System File Checker tool to scan the computer for corrupt files:

  1. Opens from the Start menu, the command line enter "CMD"
  2. Leading the cmd.exe as an administrator
  3. Give in the prompt "SFC / scannow" a

The scanning process can take several minutes because Windows damaged repaired files or missing adds. Sometimes it may happen that you must have on hand the installation CD to provide missing information.

Start PC in Safe Mode

To check if that does not work the Windows Explorer in Safe Mode, you should once the PC in this mode restart. Click here for the guide.

However, does not the problem, you can be checked for system conflicts with the system reduced drivers a clean boot.

Final step: System Restore

Could not help you all the tips listed, you can try to bring 7 a System Restore in Windows. For this you select a specific date on which the system is to be reset.

Previously, however, you should make sure all important data externally.

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