When’s Modern Family Season 7? And when you see Season 5 finally in Germany?

Modern Family is one of the highlights among the current comedy series. Not only the cynical sort of Jay Pritchett sweeping the mockumentary for countless laughs. In six seasons, it brings the series to 144 episodes. But what about Modern Family Season 7? And when finally come new episodes of the comedy series in Germany?

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Series starts in 2016 - Part 1

The current, sixth season of the Fox series launched in the US in September 2014. In May 2015 has now been announced that there will be a seventh season with new episodes of Modern Family.

Modern Family Season 7: Start date

In May, ABC has announced new series starts in the autumn, 2015. Among these is the date for the premiere of the seventh season of Modern Family.

  • It starts with Modern Family Season 7 in the US on September 23, 2015.
  • Broadcast the series at ABC.
  • Steven Levitan, co-creator of the series, is sure that Modern Family will run for a few years, so you still can look forward to many episodes with new adventures to Jay Pritchett and Co..
  • In Modern Family Season 7 there will be a small change in the cast. Joe Pritchett, the son of Gloria and Jay is occupied by a slightly older actors and are also shown insolent than before.

When's Modern Family Season 7? And when you see Season 5 finally in Germany?

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When's Modern Family Season 7? And launch of Season 5 finally in Germany?

In Germany, the broadcasting of Modern Family is not quite so advanced. Here fans of the series are still waiting for the premiere of Modern Family Season-fifth

  • Start date for Modern Family Season 5 in Germany Thursday, July 30.
  • Then RTL Nitro will air the fifth season of the Emmy-winning series every Thursday from 22:05.
  • From the end of July you can therefore * View RTL Nitro all episodes of Modern Family in stream online via Magine.

see RTL Nitro online


Modern Family Trailer

Modern Family tells the story of the Pritchett family around Father Jay, daughter Claire Dunphy and Mitchell Pritchett son. the family of Jay's wife Gloria and her son Manny, Claire's Mann Phil, including children and spouses Mitchell Cameron and daughter Lily is accompanied. Overall, the series gained 22 different Emmy Awards.

When's Modern Family Season 7? And when you see Season 5 finally in Germany?

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