TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV – Here’s how

Who wants to expand its desktop picture or PC content on the sofa instead want to look at your desk, you can use the TV as a monitor. Here you learn how you can transfer to a TV picture from the PC and what is there to be observed.

TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - important's
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Setting up the TV as a PC monitor is suitable for. B. that you turn your holiday photos want displayed on a large screen or want to watch videos comfortably on a big screen.

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So you can use the TV as a monitor

So that the image from the PC can be transferred to the TV, you need a HDMI or VGA port on both devices. used for the best possible quality TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - Here's howher the HDMI interface. In general, each current HDTV also has an HDMI port. Lacks the HDMI port on your PC or laptop, you can also have a DVI / HDMI adapter *TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - Here's how use. In this case, however, only the image signal is transmitted to the television, the sound output will continue providing the PC or laptop. In addition, you can bring here to the TV sound output or headphone jack on the computer with an audio cable.

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be transmitted via HDMI both picture and audio signals. If this is not the case, read on here: With HDMI no sound on the TV? Solutions and help. By cable now can it the source and target devices connect to each other. If you are still looking for an optimal cable, you can take a look at our article on HDMI differences throw.

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TV as a monitor: Find it&# 8217; s via HDMI, DVI and Co.

TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - Here's howOnce the connection made, you have usually only the right source select on the TV to see the monitor image on the big screen. screen transfer may need to be set up even on the PC.

  • On laptops there is often a "display" button, the z. B. labeled with multiple monitors. The transmission can be ordered using the "Fn" key.
  • On Windows, you can use + key "P" to set the display mode the shortcut "Windows". Here z can. B. be set, whether the television is to be used as the second monitor with an enhanced image whether the TV 1: 1 transfers the same image as the PC.
  • even the screen resolution under Windows may need to be adjusted so that the image is displayed correctly on the TV.
  • Expresses this, right-click the desktop and select "Screen Resolution" on the "Properties". In general, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 for the HDTV resolution recommends. Additional settings for use of the TV can also be specified as a monitor.
  • Some modern television also already allow wireless transmission of video content via the PC. For this, both devices over WiFi Direct in-house WLAN must be connected. On the subject: Set up Wi-Fi Direct and transmit data wirelessly.
  • Especially in games may cause the monitor to an undesirable image delay in transmission. To resolve this lag, checks whether there is in the display settings on the TV a "game mode".
  • In general, you should keep up to date on the PC in order to avoid errors in the image transfer, the graphics card driver.
  • We show you also how you can connect via VGA HDMI.

TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - Here's how

transfer PC image on the TV: TV as a monitor

The television can then be used not only as a monitor for viewing holiday snaps. Also, games and videos can be viewed as on the big screen. For transmission also HDMI sticks Chromecast are. The Chromecast stick allows not only PC content from the Google Chrome browser to transmit to the television. With the appropriate option of mirroring the entire image content you can use the stick to in order to use your TV as a monitor without a cord. To play video from the HDD to the TV, Chromecast z can. As with the Plex Media Server can be used.

TV as a monitor: transfer PC image on TV - Here's how

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