WhatsApp Emoji Type: Creative creations in the chat window

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps of all time. The application not only allows the sending of text, video or images. Thanks to numerous smileys can miss a very individual touch her messages. On the web there are numerous "WhatsApp Emoji Art" -Kreationen that also that can be evidence created funny art with the symbols found.

Below you will find a selection of the funniest "Emoji Art" images from WhatsApp for reverse engineering or copying.

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WhatsApp Emoji Art: Funny pictures from Smileys

Thanks to "Emoji Art" is for. As possible to perform a simple way games in WhatsApp, such as a game of "Connect Four". In addition, you can make and put a smile on your face friends with Smiley Art for a serene moment in everyday life. Surfs her with an Android smartphone or iPhone and uses WhatsApp Web can copy her some of the following works and paste it into a WhatsApp message to forward them the smiley artwork to other friends.

Tweets from @EmojiArtStorage

Taps his phone just on the screen and hold down your finger. The context menu, selects the entire image area and then select "Copy". In a recent chat with her taps again on the screen in the area for text entry, where you can paste it into the chat the cached image then. whatsapp-4 wins   Copy & paste

WhatsApp Emoji Art for copying and sending

Who still wants to find more funny emoji art images, you should take a look at the Twitter channel "Emoji Art Storage". The feed is not longer fed with new content, but there are also so many funny pictures and word combinations in Emoji style.

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