Pierre Vogel dead: Salafist preacher died – What is it?

Pierre Vogel is dead &# 8211; if you believe a message that is currently making the rounds on Facebook, the most famous Salafist Germany was found dead. In the past, the former boxer has been repeatedly accused contribute to the radicalization of young people &# 8211; Pierre Vogel his radical views were now undoing?

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Hoaxes on Facebook

He is one of the most colorful personalities of the German Islamist scene: Pierre Vogel. Former boxer is very well known thanks to public appearances and video clips on YouTube and social media especially for young people. Critics accuse him of a long time that he plays a double game when he one hand, distances itself from political violence, but on the other hand, applying understanding of terrorist attacks. Even in the Islamist scene Pierre Vogel is therefore not without controversy &# 8211; because not affect the latest message that Pierre Vogel was found dead, so far-fetched.

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What Facebook knows about you and how you to find out

Pierre Vogel dead? Message on Facebook

The news of the alleged death of Pierre Vogel has some time on Facebook in circulation and mass distribution there. In the article you can see a full-size photo of Pierre Vogel, including the caption Salafist Pierre Vogel is dead. This is followed by a short teaser that should arouse curiosity, as well as the source of the message is called &# 8211; In this case it is (supposedly) to RTL.de.

Pierre Vogel dead Facebook

Thus, the death announcement looks. Source: Facebook

If you look at the contribution only briefly, it really looks almost as if Pierre Vogel had died. But is that true also? And why did the mainstream media and the TV nothing about yet been reported?

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Pierre Vogel is NOT dead: Beware of fake posts on Facebook and Co.

Pierre Vogel, of course, not dead &# 8211; to be honest, it would be a little strange if one of the most famous German Salafists dies suddenly and would report not a single media about the incident. So, these are a hoax, that is: to be convincing a targeted Fake post with the user to click on. These contributions occur for some time heaped on Facebook and on  &# 8211; the scheme is basically the same:

  • With a sensational headline, the reader is intrigued.
  • He then clicks on the article to read more.
  • Instead the items you but ends up then usually in fraud sites where, for example, lurking dubious sweepstakes or subscription traps.

the alleged &Death; # 8220&# 8221; the prominent victim is thus only a ploy to attract readers. In reality it aims to lure Facebook users to specific pages that are running then tries to convince readers of their money or their personal information. One popular scam are here as Mobile subscriptions: To read the full article, one should give his mobile number &# 8211; in reality it thus completes an expensive subscription. The original article you will of course never get to read because it does not exist the.

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So you protect you from fakes on Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.

Such hoaxes have as already mentioned now become a real plague in the social networks developed. In many cases, the scammers take advantage of the fact that you do not really knows how it actually goes to the person concerned &# 8211; done so e.g. Michael Schumacher, has long been puzzled at the way it really is him. Even with Pierre Vogel, the death message seems at first not completely implausible: The Salafist preacher stands for some time on the hit list of the terrorist group IS (Islamic State) &# 8211; The Islamists want to see the preacher dead because he did not go far enough and they have betrayed their ideals as an apostate.

Mostly it's pretty easy to figure out but if anyone is really deceased:

  • Checked whether other established media reports (for example, mirror, daily newspapers on the Internet) and the TV on the case.
  • If that is not the case, you can assume that the message is not very likely.
  • also checked on the watchdog blog mimikama if the message appears here.

Before you you're not sure that this is a real message, you also should not share it with friends and acquaintances such contributions &# 8211; the scammers benefit that is precisely the fact that many readers skim only the heading and then click on the Share button. In this way, these stories spread like wildfire &# 8211; and the chance that someone actually fall into a subscription trap increases.

More advice about can be found here: Phishing &# 8211; What is it and how do I know the scam?

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