Fargo Season 3: Trailer, broadcast dates & amp; all about Season 3

Finally, the start of the third season of black-humored thriller series is &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; fixed. Due to its popularity, you can soon be seen in a double role 10 new episodes starring Ewan McGregor. Learn all about &# 8220; Fargo Season 3&# 8243 ;, the German launch date and the content and plot of the new &# 8220; Fargo&Episodes; #. 8221

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Once there was a film of Joel and Ethan Coen. Published in 1996, the brothers &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; a wonderful black-humored thriller and sent Frances McDormand as a pregnant police officer in the snowy Northwest to solve a series of murders. The actress and wife of Joel Cohen earned despite less screen time the Oscar for Best Actress and the film became a cult.

Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo Season 1

If the first season of &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; significantly influenced: Billy Bob Thornton © 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Third Fargo relay is ordered

US network FX has announced in November 2015 to try to complete the crime series to another season. Now will later this spring, the new season &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; Start: At Netflix, the US airing of the third season of "Fargo" on April 19th, the German version of the April 20 premiere.

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Fargo Season 3: Trailer

Now the trailer for the third season of the Netflix series is published. Here we can already see the first insight into the crime series starring Ewan McGregor in the dual role of the Brothers Stussy that could not be more different:

Fargo Season 3 Cast: Ewan McGregor assumes lead role

The new season of plays Fargo in 2010 and thus three years after the end of the first season. &# 8220; Star Wars&-Held; # 8221 Ewan McGregor will play in the new episodes for the first time in his career a dual role in a series. He embodies a self-made millionaire who has brought it as a real estate agent too much and now a so-called &# 8220; Parking-King of Minnesota&# 8221; making headlines. The role name of Ewan McGregor is Emmit Stussy. He also acts as the unsuccessful twin brother Ray Stussy front of the camera. By brother-Rivaliät and theft of Ray, the two sink deeper and deeper into crime.

have leading roles David Thewlis (Remus Lupine in Harry Potter) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead collared.

This is the cast of the third season Fargo:

  • Ewan McGregor - Emmit Stussy Stussy and Ray
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Nikki Swango
  • David Thewlis - V. M. Vargas
  • Carrie Coon - Gloria Burgle
  • Jim Gaffigan - Donny Mashman
  • Scoot McNairy - Maurice LeFay
  • Michael Stuhlbarg - Sy Feltz

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In addition, Shea Whigham, Karan Soni, Fred Melamed, Thomas Mann and Hamish Linklater are seen. producer Warren Littlefield revealed that Fargo Season 3 indeed has a smaller cast, the characters would but so profound illuminated (Source: Jason Lynch via Twitter).

Fun Fact: Ewan McGregor has seen neither the first nor the second season Fargo before he was asked for the third season. Then he saw in binge-watching season both in just one week (Source: twitter). He also had to train yourself the accent of Minnesota for his dual role.

On Twitter has Rachel Keller from Fargo Season 2 *Fargo Season 3: Trailer, broadcast dates & amp; all about Season 3 over showrunner Noah Hawley commented:

From @FargoFX to #LegionFX, @rachelryekeller discusses what it&# 39; s like to work with visionary creator @noahhawley. pic.twitter.com/ce70E69rnS

- Legion (@LegionFX) January 13, 2017

First seasons of Fargo make you want to Season 3

2014 then applied as a spin-off to the film of the same series was published by the US television channel FX. Here in Germany the first season ran on Netflix and quickly found great success with the public. It tells the story of police officer Molly, who (it in snowy Minnesota with the wayward assassin Lorne MarvoBilly Bob Thornton) And his alleged accomplices, the staid insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) Gets to do. Here, too, we must solve a series of brutal murders.

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Fargo series - Trailers

2015 was the second season of &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; broadcast, which is this time in 1979 in South Dakota and is a loose prequel to Season 1st The cast is completely new, only a few but crucial references to the beginnings of the series act as a hinge between the respective murders.

While &# 8220; True Detective&# 8221; has failed with this tactic of cast exchanges between seasons at the moment dramatic, the second season of will &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; currently at least as euphorically celebrated as Season 1. Accordingly it is clear that those responsible for FX will not change their tactics and we are in &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; Season 3 can look forward to a completely new cast and a story that will build on a few previous events loosely. Which they are, at the moment can not be said, of course, especially since Season 3 of &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; has just been appointed to.

The series &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; can you at iTunes *Fargo Season 3: Trailer, broadcast dates & amp; all about Season 3, Amazon *Fargo Season 3: Trailer, broadcast dates & amp; all about Season 3 and max cathedrals *Fargo Season 3: Trailer, broadcast dates & amp; all about Season 3 View legally in the online stream.


Fargo Season 2 - Trailer 1 English

Here are eight teaser for the second season of Fargo

Fargo-author Noah Hawley for Season 3 back on board

To ensure the quality of &# 8220; Fargo&# 8221; Season 3, we need to make us worry. Series creator and scriptwriter Noah Hawley is also on board as an author, like the Coen brothers will again act as producer. The new cast, nothing is currently known, that could soon change, however, because if the rhythm of the broadcast of the series is to be maintained, would this winter already with the shooting begin.

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