Apple ID create: Do you need an iTunes account?

Who installs a new iPhone or iPad, will be asked for an Apple ID. An existing Apple account, you can enter, or re-register. Is this application useful? And what information is needed? We give beginners tips Apple ID.


Apple ID without bank data

Do I need an Apple ID?

Is an Apple ID meaningful - or why do we need them? Who owns an iOS device, actually can not get around the Apple ID (almost). When setting up the iPhone and iPad, you can skip specifying an Apple ID though. Many features is an account at Apple - that is just the Apple ID - but imperative. Example is the loading of paid and free apps, music and movies from the iTunes Store. The synchronization of data via iCloud, iCloud login and the iCloud backup, the app Find My iPhone for backup and recovery, and so much more.

One is not forced to Apple ID, the device is but highly recommended.

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  • iOS 9 to set up, is so&# 8217; s

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Create Apple ID with or without a credit card, so go&# 8217; s

An Apple ID to set up best on immediately after when one is asked - for example in setting up a new iOS device. Of course it is also possible to follow up. On the iPhone, you choose the App Store and wipes on the front page all the way down to Apple ID. On the computer, you can create them through iTunes for Mac or iTunes for Windows. Or you can go its own Apple website. we show the latter in the following:

Calls to the website and enter here the required data. More information on this:

mail addressThe mail address we need to login in the store, etc., also can contact us via this address friends via iMessage etc.. If you want, you can still keep secret and provide an additional contact point for intelligence etc.

security questionsThe own answers you should have on hand, as sometimes to new operating systems and / or devices Apple wants to have a precaution to normal password two of these security questions answered correctly. Password manager like 1Passwort can help.

apple-id-create-security issues

The following steps Apple checks the specified email address, you need the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy accept and specify a payment. Note: The payment service ClickandBuy is set to 05/01/2016. Who wants to pay by credit card and no offers, the innovative concept of the free checking account Number26 see * including authorization over the phone instead Postident to:

A Free checking account with the iPhone: Number26

But as I said, a Apple ID can also without a credit card be set up. Commercially there are from time to time iTunes cards at a discount, so we get even cheaper to apps, movies and music. Another option is payment via the mobile phone bill.

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