Show desktop clock for Windows 7 – Here’s how

Who would like to have a watch on his desktop, find the instructions for displaying the desktop clock for Windows 7 here.

In our video we show you step by step how you can display on your desktop the clock and three more tips for Windows 7:


4 Simple Tips for Windows 7

In Windows 7, there is by default a time display in the notification area. If you click on this, a clock appears in a pop-up window that disappears again the next click of the mouse. If that is not enough and who a Desktop Clock would like to have, which is permanently visible on the Windows desktop, the Windows 7 provides a clock as a mini application. To enable this, it does the following:

So it is with Windows 7, the desktop clock,

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking on the "Windows" button and go to "All Programs" and here "Gadget Gallery".

Desktop clock 1

  1. Now a new window, where different gadgets are, among other things, a clock opens.

Desktop clock 2

  1. If you double click on the clock icon, the clock will appear on your desktop.
  2. The on-screen clock can you drag & Move drop anywhere on the desktop.
  3. Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to make various settings on the desktop clock. Leads to right-click on the clock.

Desktop clock 3


  1. In the context menu that opens you can among other things, the "Options" where, for example, you have the opportunity to choose from different designs.

Desktop clock 4


  1. The "always on top" option, however, ensures that the desktop clock even stays on if you find other programs have opened which cover the desktop.

Desktop Clock 5

  1. let disappear can you the desktop clock, incidentally, by their pressed the mouse over this ride and the "x" button.

Desktop clock 6

Except gadget way, there is still third-party programs that also conjure up a clock on your desktop. These include, for example, the freeware ClocX.

More about gadgets in Windows 7 can be found here: Install Windows 7 gadgets and manage.

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