Windows Vista: Lost password – So you come in anyway

If you have forgotten your password in Windows Vista, you can not log in you. but with a trick you can delete your password and set a new one. We reveal in this guide on how to do it.

Windows Vista: You also comes into the operating system, if you have forgotten your password.

Windows Vista: If you have forgotten your password, there is a trick to log yet.

Who has forgotten his password for Windows Vista, no longer comes to his files. But there is a trick, as you delete your old password, and can give a new password your Windows account. Basically it goes so that the password input.

Windows Vista: Forgot your password - Preparations

So you can set a new password you need to prepare their feature

  1. Go to another PC or a laptop.
  2. Created you a bootable USB stick with the Linux operating system Ubuntu. How to do this, we explain here: Ubuntu and install from USB drive - Here&# 8217; s.
    Note: Alternatively, you can create an ISO image of Ubuntu also burn to a CD and boot from it. Also note: If Vista is present with you in the 32-bit version, you need the 32-bit version of Ubuntu.
  3. then boot your Vista PC from the USB stick. Under certain circumstances, you have to change the boot order of your PC. For instructions, can be found in the article: Booting the PC from CD &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s.
  4. Selected at the start of Ubuntu to German and clicks on the button Ubuntu try. Windows Vista therefore remains unchanged.
  5. Opens the Ubuntu Explorer left in the taskbar.
  6. Searches in the left navigation of your Windows hard drive - probably it is called disk and navigate to the folder: / Windows / System32
  7. Examines the Utilman.exe file and selects it. Presses the key combination Windows + C and then Windows + V. This makes a copy to the original file.
  8. Now delete the Utilman.exe file with the Delete key.
    Note: The original file of Utilman.exe's saved as a copy.
  9. Addiction cmd.exe file. Created by her with Windows + C and Windows + V also a copy.

    Ubuntu: the file & quot; cmd.exe & quot; is in & quot; Utilman.exe & quot; renamed.

    Ubuntu: The file &# 8220; cmd.exe&# 8221; is in &Utilman.exe; # 8220&# 8221; renamed.

  10. Now selects the file cmd.exe and rename it to: Utilman.exe
    Note: The original file cmd.exe is secured in the created copy.
  11. Finished Ubuntu and restarts Windows Vista.

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Windows Vista: Lost password - deleting a password and recreate

After you have completed the above preparations, you can now your password that you no longer know, delete, and create a new one:

  1. If you are in the login screen of Windows Vista, you click the bottom left of the small blue icon for the input help.

    Vista Application: In the Control Panel, you give you a new password.

  2. Our changes in Ubuntu now but the command prompt opens.
  3. Type in the command: net user &# 8220; BENUTERNAME&# 8221; NEW PASSWORD
    For example, if our user account Lilly we want to set as the password tester. in which case, the command is: net user &# 8220; Lilly&# 8221; tester
  4. Close the command prompt and then typing in the password box the password that you have just been awarded for your username.
  5. Windows Vista launches and reports it to you.

Now you can the changes and file renaming again undo:

  1. Navigate to the System32 folder and delete the file cmd.exe.
  2. Renames the Utilman file (copy) .exe into cmd.exe.
  3. Renames conclude by the file cmd (copy) .exe into Utilman.exe.

Note: You should use this method only if you if you have forgotten your password.

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