Ratatouille 2: If a continuation of Ratatouille to the movies?

Although rats have a reputation, almost to eat everything, but they have incredibly subtle taste buds. From this fact, Pixar has created a magical animal story: Ratatouille. But what has long been known, the animation film company makes no other parts of successful films, just to make them. The studio has patience and claim &# 8211; is whether there is a new good story. 


Ratatouille Original 2007 Trailer

As for sequels always acts Pixar with great caution. Until there is a brilliant idea for a new story, not hell-bent on working out on a sequel. But more recently, quite a few sequels were indeed confirmed and if their theatrical release dates known. After 15 years of abstinence, there will be in The Incredibles 2 thus an unexpected reunion with the family Parr, the toys return in Toy Story 4 and Lightning McQueen can race down Route 66 and 99 in Cars 3 again. For this reason, no fan should give up hope on another story with the highly sympathetic Ratte Rémy early: The sequel is probably right when no one expects it.

for time is no continuation with the cute rat in planning

Ratatouille 2: Reverses the gourmet rat back to the big screen?

Apart from Pixar, which stand out like longer until they can decide a continuation of successful films, in this case, the audience split view. While urgent one wish for a new story with Remy, the others are of the opinion that the story was about and found a wonderful end. That's true certainly and therefore it is also very good that Pixar very relaxed tackles the sequels and provides the good story in the foreground.


We recall that at the end Linguini and Colette open with Remy bistro named &# 8220; La Ratatouille&# 8221 ;, which is going very well from the beginning. Colette and Remy Linguini cook and has worked on roller skates in the service. There is also a delightful dining dining room especially for rats. That was really a happy ending, and actually you would not at that Remy needs from this safe and comfortable existence out into the wild life and there should be a possibly unpleasant adventure.

Brad Bird was the director of Ratatouille, which some time ago &# 8211; as well as his work The Incredibles &# 8211; was released in a 3D version. As the continuation of The Incredibles now firmly confirmed and the release date was scheduled for 2019, it is not impossible so that even Ratatouille 2 could become a reality once.

ratatouille is also available as video game for many platforms

Perhaps Pixar can indeed make some otherwise splendid short films as consolation for fans of the talented rat &# 8211; Remy gets a great cooking show on TV for example. Perhaps it is actually better to have a very beautiful story stand as such and to protect the heart, as well as on DVD. If it escaped you: You can play Ratatouille *Ratatouille 2: If a continuation of Ratatouille to the movies? namely on various platforms.

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