Rainbow Six – Victories play in split-screen, does it work?

Can you Rainbow Six: Play victories in split screen? This is a question currently some fans of tactical shooters. Popular features of its predecessor, Rainbow Six: Vegas finally belonged where you could play through with friends on the couch the single-player split screen mode. We answer the question and tell you what options you have in multiplayer.

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Rainbow Six: Siege is there and requires tactical thinking and teamwork to successfully fight the terrorists. As would be a Split screen mode but formally offer to discharge together with friends dangerous missions. Unfortunately, you have on this, however, waive the tough tactical shooter. We show you what options you have to address together the fight against terrorism. In our test, Rainbow Six: Siege you also really learn how good the game is.


Rainbow Six: Siege - Launch Trailer - The Breach

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Rainbow Six - Victories: All Operator and the best attacker and defender

Rainbow Six &# 8211; Wins: No split-screen, but online co-op

In split-screen and couch-Coop you are allowed in Rainbow Six: Siege not hope, because of the tactical shooter supports only pure online co-op and even waived LAN functions.

  • Online Co-op: Yes (up to 5 players)
  • Local Co-op split screen: No
  • Local online game in Co-op: No
  • LAN or system link: No

As you can see, the possibilities are severely limited, to play together with friends. The only way you stands one Online co-op mode terrorist hunt available, in which you fight together with four other players against the AI ​​terrorists. Or you play in the Multiplayer mode together against other teams of five players. More can be found in the entry-level tips and guide for the first bets.

Rainbow Six - Victories: All Achievements and Trophies - Tips and guide to 100%

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