iPhone activation lock handle: How to

Since iOS 7 Apple offers for its mobile devices to the activation barrier. It protects the device from prying fingers and to complicate the work of thieves. the protection can be circumvented?


How to keep your iPhone

The activation barrier was offered with the introduction of iOS 7 on all devices. Their use is voluntary and requires logging in to Apple's own app "Find My iPhone". The iCloud account of the user is thus linked in Apple's database with the serial number of his device. Without the password, the unit can not be put back. Thieves it difficult therefore to resell an iPhone. Even if the iPhone is the new state reset the PC, the iCloud password of the owner must be entered.

Review of the activation barrier

For a long time Apple offered for concerned buyers of used equipment, a page for checking the activation barrier at. Using the serial number you could determine whether the activation lock is active on this device. This could be clearly concluded that it must be either stolen goods and the buyer can not do anything with the device. This site, however, has now deleted for unknown reasons Apple and also offers no comparable service more.

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Activation lock can be circumvented in some versions of iOS

In forums and especially on YouTube, find themselves repeatedly tricks to bypass the activation lock without Agree to the previous owner. So far, however, only on an iPad. If your iPhone has not been stolen but you have bought you a used, it can happen that the owner has forgotten to turn off the lock. If this is the case, the following steps will help:

  • If the owner is present, he is under Settings > General > Reset his password on the iPhone, and thus delete all the data and the activation barrier
  • If the owner is not present, he must log in via a PC into his iCloud account and delete his iPhone from there:
  • For this he clicks on the iCloud homescreen iPhone search. He clicks on "All Devices", to be removed iPhone selects and goes "Remove from account".

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Company charges $ 150 for unblocking

There are also companies that specialize unlock the device, the "professional" to the. ChronicUnlocks demanded $ 150 for the unlocked. The company unlocked neither lost nor stolen devices his own words. However, it is unclear how the company wants to identify stolen devices that are not reported as such. A gray area.

Members further information on the topic:
This is how a secure password from

The activation barrier has led to the thefts of iPhones fell Arnold Böcklin. Who "professional" only 150 dollars for having unlocked, it will have a hard time with most iPhones to bypass the lock without the password of the previous owner.

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