Windows 10 Creators Update Wizard (Microsoft tool) Download

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If the Windows 10 Creators update you is not already, you can install with the associated "Windows 10 Update Wizard" Microsoft push. The download can be found here.

With the "Windows 10 Update Wizard" you can because Creators update install immediately without having to wait. This corresponds to Windows 10 version 1703. The Anniversary Update had the version 1607th

Windows 10 Creators Update Wizard - Download

  • The "Windows 10 Update Wizard" consists of the file Windows10Upgrade28085.exe.
  • You can find him Download our download button.
  • An earlier version of the wizard had the filename: Windows10Upgrade9194.exe.
  • Both files are about 6MB in size.

We recommend installing the current version in order to avoid mistakes.

The Windows 10 Update Wizard.

The Windows 10 Update Wizard.

The installation

Double click to start the EXE file the wizard. Thereafter, a compatibility check. If all goes well, you can proceed.

  • First, the Creators update is downloaded. This may take 1 to 2 hours depending on your Internet speed.
  • After that Windows is restarted and executed the installation. This takes Microsoft says more than 1.5 hours.
  • For detailed instructions, you will also find in the article Windows 10: download now Creators update and install it.

Gallery Windows 10 Creators Update Wizard

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  • (Figure 5.2):

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  • (Figure 5.5):

When the Creators update is installed, you will receive a notification and Windows starts normally. If the installation fails can install it the Creators update via the media creation tool. Alternatively, it uses the ISO files from Microsoft.


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