terminate Euro Sport Player: So you end your subscription

With the Euro Sport Player gets her online access to the program of sports broadcaster. As with DAZN or Netflix you need a paid access. If you have no interest in the offer, you must cancel the subscription at Euro Sport Player.

but not always it is necessary that termination. Find out here how to exit the Euro Sport player subscription and what you should consider it.


What's DAZN?

terminate Euro Sport Player

A notice must be in writing, but can be done online:

  • Contacting the support with your cancellation request.
  • Alternatively, you lead the notice directly from your access online through:
    1. Login you this in with your Euro Sport player account.
    2. Selects the section "My account".
    3. Here you will find an overview of your "subscription".
    4. In this section you can the "cancel your subscription". Optionally, a base may be specified. This makes it possible to improve the services of the provider.
    5. Confirms the end of the subscription with "confirm cancellation".

terminate Euro Sport Player: So you end your subscription

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Your access will be available until the end of the subscription period already paid. The cancellation will be confirmed by e-mail.

The problems offered have laid now. Early in the season there was to see some works of art of the stream story in Euro Sport Player. The Twitter users posted their highlights:

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Pixelbrei instead of football festival: The 9 best Twitter reactions to the euro sports disaster

Euro Sport Player: The notice period

Depending on the type of access, the conditions for termination different.

  • Do you have a monthly access, the subscription automatically renewed for another month to each, as long as it does not terminate.
  • Notice must be given at the end of each billing month. The notice period is 24 hours before the next renewal date.
  • In one year subscription cancellation can only be made 30 days before expiration of the booked year.

Did you decide for a special offer for the player, the subscription ends after the year or after the agreed period. An automatic extension does not exist in this case.


also observed: Have you recently booked a one-year, an incorrect date may be indicated under certain circumstances. In some cases, the 31.12.2017 is given in the booking confirmation here. This is, however, according to Euro sport to a technical error. So you get as promised a full year to access the online content of Euro Sport.

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