iOS 10: The 10 most important innovations (summary of the new operating system)

What will the next major update for iPhone and iPad? Lots of new features. The ten key features of iOS 10, users get free donated we will introduce at this point. 


Five interesting features of iOS 10

iOS 10: Download and install

ios_10_downloadThe official release of iOS 10 found held on 13 September 2016th Users can officially since  Download and proceed to installation. The installation is done either directly via the iPhone (over-the-air) or indirectly via iTunes on Mac and PC. The latter installation method assumes the space on the iPhone to tight should be. By the way: The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (about the purchase) had already installed 10 previous system versions are not available iOS.

  • For information about installing iOS 10

IOS 10: Compatibility

Compatible iOS 10 (although not with all the features) from the iPhone 5 and up the iPad fourth generation. Left out so remain the original iPad mini and all previous iPod touch except the 6th generation, also the iPad 3 is no longer supported.

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The 10 most important new features of iOS 10:



1. User Experience: lock screen and more

Apple improves innovative use of iPhone and iPad, Following some of the added features:

  • we lift the iPhone slightly, the lock screen automatically.
  • Notifications, the message center and the control center have been completely redesigned.
  • A wipe to the right in the lock screen opens the camera app.
  • A mop left in the lock screen displays all widgets.
  • More 3D-touch features. For example, associated widgets appear App with 3D touch-ups on the home screen.
  • On the subject: That you need to know for using the iPhone and iPad with iOS 10


2. Siri opens

Apple Siri opens now available for developers. This provides more opportunities for direct application integration, virtually any application can now be controlled with Siri.

3. QuickType gets Siri intelligence

The previous text suggestions are automatically enhanced with the intelligence of Siri, recognized text links, use location data, contact information available automatically for use. But the most important change: The keyboard will automatically detect finally different languages - you no longer have to switch between different keyboards that.

4. Photos app with slide show of the 21st century



The accompanying iOS 10 Photos app has been completely redesigned. Face detection will be executed directly locally on the device, the same is true for objects and scenes. all this is combined in the new function "Memories" - quasi, intelligent compiled albums of photos and videos that can be adjusted at will, and accompanied by music. can look to this on all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Bottom line: A very creative compilation albums for lazy contemporaries. Our tip: 10 "souvenir" in iOS: show photos as Movies

5. Apple Maps better

The Apple maps also undergone a major revision and get a new design. Overall, Maps proactive, proposes travel and traffic information before fitting. The real-time navigation is revised, benefiting among other things from a dynamic display ad.

6. Apple Music becomes easier



For the current version of the Apple Music app much criticism had to take. Apple takes this to heart and simplifies the structure and thus the use of the app - everything is much tidier. Important: The overview now also the order to "Downloads" place. We know, finally back at first glance, what music is actually located on the device and not only in the cloud. "Mitsinger" may also be pleased to know Lyrics are now integrated into the music tracks from Apple Music.

7. Advanced communications: Responding Faster

iOS 10 allows now to look directly into already releases photos and videos. Also one can answer just those messages to the same place - the app does not need this extra opened.

8. Premiere: Home App



The universal home automation interface HomeKit gets its own app - Home. All compatible accessory equipment can so controlled centrally, be programmed program sequences (scenes) and controlled by means of Siri. Apple TV is this way, a central remote hub for all of these functions. On the subject: Home in iOS 10: The key issues for the smart home control

9. phone app with additional functions

VoIP calls from third party can now be integrated in the phone app. Also new: The transcription of voice mails and spam warnings for appropriate phone numbers.

10 messages with Overkill?


Everything's so colorful here? Anyone who wants can overdo it with the use of the new features in the news app - for example, it is possible to fire with animations like balloons, confetti or fireworks, the entire screen - if you like it. Even "sensible": Invisible Ink. Messages are visible only when the recipient deletes it. Also possible: Handwritten notes. Really useful, however, however, are so-called "Rich Links" - news, photos, videos and more to those that already opened without the link to be considered in a kind of preview. On the subject: Therefore in iOS 10 "Messages" will be the best messenger app

For emoji-Lovers, there's also a lot of new features. Thus, the small graphics are now no longer shown as small, namely three times larger. And automatic suggestions make it easy to replace words with emoji.

Oh yes: Here App Antwickler must now ran and "drill" the functionality of the news app - for example with "funny" GIFs or actual useful, integrated payment instructions.

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Note: The article was published on June 13, 2016 and updated on 13 and 29 September 2016 again.


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