Netflix Germany: Gift Cards now available

In keeping with the Christmas sales of video-on-demand provider Netflix will begin in Germany and Austria with the sale of gift cards. Here, both the retail supermarkets as well as with Netflix coupons are served.



Original message of November 10: In our Netflix test for Germany-start the US leader suggested quite well in this country quite well, only the diversity of supply still left to be desired. Meanwhile, you could easily expand the offer and wants to score points with an additional payment option: Netflix gift cards. From mid-November they are available in Germany and to have here:

The cards are initially available in Germany and Austria, so that Switzerland remains to date on the sidelines.

Netflix gift cards in Germany:

  • Rewe
  • penny
  • Expert
  • Shell

Netflix gift cards in Austria:

  • Saturn
  • Media Markt

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Netflix gift cards for Germany & Austria &# 8211; the costs

In prices to Netflix served at the usual 10, but 25- and 50-euro-Graduation, this adapts to its monthly prices. 7.99 EUR costs the cheapest Netflix subscription for a device, but without HD. With Full HD quality you pay for the possibility to play on two devices at 8.99 euros a month. It is at this price the cost of the gift cards be based:

  • Coupon for 8.99 euros (1 month)
  • Coupon for 26.97 euros (3 months)
  • Coupon for 44.95 Euro (5 months)

How Caschys blog reports, you are probably not bound to the offer for monthly 8.99 euro, but it takes place a credit to your account that you can use their free. Further, a registration with no credit card or bank information is possible with a Netflix gift card.

Which video-on-demand provider suits you?

Source: Caschys Blog

Update: gift cards for the time being at Rewe & Shell available

How Rewe announced in a press release, the Netflix gift cards are available from today gradually into German branches of the supermarket chain. In addition, the "prepaid cards" for the video-on-demand service already at Shell are available. They are to have at a price from 8,99 euros and do not expire. The following Netflix gift cards are available at Rewe, Penny and Shell:

  • Coupon for 8.99 euros (1 month)
  • Coupon for 26.97 euros (3 months)
  • Coupon for 44.95 Euro (5 months)

The cards seem the way, not only from today to be available, but even longer in some markets, as reported in the comments below this article.

Source: Press Portal

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