learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tips

In the area of ​​software development hackers are talented and passionate programmers equipped with patience, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of network technology and a certain playfulness, can find security holes and vulnerabilities in operating systems. So if you want to learn hacking, therefore, must be prepared to understand basic operations of the computer and programming languages ​​or to learn. We have selected the best instructions for ambitious beginners.

learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tips

Potentially everyone can learn chop with interest and commitment and get the necessary information for online and in bookstores. Normally, hacking is a skill that results over time for passionate developers more or less on its own, because the knowledge about the workings of computer systems also allows the identification of potential vulnerabilities.

learn hacking: finding security problems itself

Frequently hacking is defamed per se as a criminal activity, but in fact it is only a small part that is involved in illegal activities. If you want to learn hacking but to steal passwords or to watch your girlfriend, your activities are of course prohibited and punishable by law.

But hacking also serves the purpose perfectly legal to discover security gaps in computer systems, programs or websites. Companies afford for this purpose savvy hackers for programming home users, it obviously makes sense to be able to find vulnerabilities on your own.

Whom it mainly to such security check arrives or who is afraid to be themselves affected a hacker attack, the test can also leave a tool like Snort. Thus computer networks can be checked on roads leading to hacker attacks.

learn hacking

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learn hack: With enough patience, a little ambition and a good tutorial anyone can make it

As already mentioned, it is not really possible to teach hacking without not to acquire and at least a basic knowledge of programming languages:

  • PHP is a server side scripting language that is used on 75% of sites. It is based on the syntax of the languages ​​C and Perl with a free manual for this is available for download.
  • Visual Basic is used in conjunction with .NET framework for application development under Windows. The Visual Basic manual to be offered by Microsoft for free download and is suitable as a reference for developers and information source for those who want to be yet.

That being said, there are also books and tutorials that address specific topic hacking for beginners:

learn hacking

  • The hackers handbook for beginners *learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tips is recommended if you generally have little knowledge on this topic and would like to be introduced to the basic concepts and relationships. What is the difference between a hacker and a cracker? Which famous people we know from this field, which organizations? How do hackers do? These questions are answered well structured and you learn a lot about the hacking culture. Although the book is received and how you can even become hackers are instructions for hacking learn there rather underrepresented.
  • Hacking School: Interactive Training Course *learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tips other hand, is a clear recommendation for practitioners. While it is not necessarily cheap, but provides for each chapter in the book and educational materials in audio and video format that allows even beginners can move forward. In addition, you also get a training operating system that can be booted from a CD and represents an ideal test environment for beginners. Previous experience with the programming Pyton make it easier to understand some things, but also total newcomers should find plenty of links and improve their understanding of hacking it.
  • both aspects &# 8211; Practice and Theory &# 8211; are in the work Hacking: The Art of the exploit *learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tips excellent merged. The author Jon Erickson outputs hacker perspective an introduction to the C programming language and explains the problem of computer security in the context of cryptography, programming and networking. This book comes with a CD and is a must for anyone who wants to understand the hacking and apply.
  • Hacking for Dummies *learn hacking for beginners: The best tutorials and tipsIn the popular Dummies series, a book is also available on this subject, which can not be highly recommended here. Neither theoretical nor from a practical perspective, the book brings a lot of knowledge, but a lot of repetition.

learn hacking

Anyone who is uncertain whether the interest justifies the purchase of a textbook, can in a playful environment to test whether the hacker life is really the right: On the hacker forever you you can download a free game called HackTheGame. There, you play a glorious hackers and can thereby use the same tools as hackers from the real life and learn ever hack into a virtual environment.

If you but actually captures the subject and especially developed her very much fun, it might be worth a certified hacker to be. All information can be found on the website of the Information Systems Security Association, ISSA.

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