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The free voice conferencing software TeamSpeak is the number one for years when it comes to communicate during an exciting match with his party members without having to type it. Via the Internet or a LAN network connection will allow participants to access the program and to entertain themselves.

since the TeamSpeak 3 Download is designed especially for the purpose of the competitive online gaming, it has after several updates and patches on a very low processor utilization and relatively low data transfer rates. So running game sessions are not significantly affected by the use of tools.

Note: This download you get the 32-bit version, a 64-bit edition is also available: TeamSpeak 3 (64-bit).


Winload TeamSpeak Video Overview

The TeamSpeak Download has existed for more than ten years and has evolved steadily over this period, which sometimes does not necessarily Transferred to the positive. In the version of Teamspeak 3, the C ++ programming language is used, what the porting to Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android significantly simplified and thus the user base again significantly raised compared to the previous TeamSpeak second

TeamSpeak 3 Download: Order is half of life

While the voice conferencing software TeamSpeak 3 actually should run in the background, it is still possible to personalize the user interface in multiple ways and manage. Thus, for example, each individual user of the TeamSpeak 3 Downloads Download your own or already generated skins and icons for his tool and so make TeamSpeak to his own personal tool of communication.

Finding a conference call with TeamSpeak 3 instead, the owner of the underlying server can maintain order and arrange the discussion participants to have a better overview of the different participants and rooms. For non-commercial purposes, such as entertainment during a game section, the use of the server software is free. It allows by default the generation of a server with 32 slots. Who, however, registers for a non-profit license, which is also free, can be either an individual or non-profit organization, as are games clan, with up to 512 slots to ten servers. Who needs more or provides for a commercial use, is a TeamSpeak 3 Server must rent. For that offer different possibilities for providers.

Especially great is the popularity of free tools for players of Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft, where the arrangement of tactics in operations or raids often verbal communication of the chat is preferred. this should however always be taken to ensure that no data, such as server IP, passwords or user data gets to the opposing faction, which could thus be gaining an unfair advantage in fairness.

Gallery Teamspeak 3

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TeamSpeak 3 functions in competition

TeamSpeak is in direct competition with similar other software. Thus two Ventrilo had established, for example, at times of TeamSpeak, as it nachkam the call for a lower latency. With the appearance of free Teamspeak 3 Downloads this distinction, however, was more than offset, if not obsolete. In addition, the licensing model for server owner offers a much more attractive offer. While Non-Proft license owner in TeamSpeak 3 can access with 512 slots on ten servers, you get only a server with eight slots for the same performance in Ventrilo.

While Skype claims as an alternative to sometimes high memory utilization, some users tend to become completely free open source solution Mumble. Other competitors include Battlecom and Game Voice.

TeamSpeak 3 is especially popular for its many features that make communicating while playing. The participants may be split into its own channels or channels and so, for example, discuss several games independently or for cozy togetherness talking a quiet depending on the size of the respective TeamSpeak 3 Server &Space; # 8220&# 8221; search.

By double clicking on a channel we enter this in and makes immediately by a sound in his presence attention. With special powers must assign the server owner, channels can only be accessed by entering a password.

If a user away for some time and does not respond to contact attempts, there are in Teamspeak 3 the opportunity to those &# 8220; nudge&# 8221 ;. Here, from the person concerned a tone sounds and a pop-up opens in the Monitor window. With a specific hotkey layout can whisper to individual persons or channels.


  • designed specifically for gamers
  • Good voice quality
  • Conserve resources


  • Program design could be better


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