Skyrim: So you can find the thieves’ guild and the city influence Quests

The Thieves Guild of Tamriel is a fraction there and look for Skyrim. You can you connect the rogues and thieves have to do this as part of the main quest even. We tell you how you can find the Thieves Guild in Skyrim and what quests, especially for city interference, it is to be completed.

Skyrim: So you can find the thieves' guild and the city influence Quests

The Thieves Guild of Skyrim is located in Rifton. Here the last remaining villains, led by Mercer Frey have a place to live in Rattenweg, the local sewage system, built and are planning a revival of the once glorious criminal association.

In contrast to the Dark Brotherhood members of the Thieves Guild of murder see, and prefer undetected infiltration of their goals. Maven Black Thorn is the patron of thieves guild leader is Mercer Frey.

The Fragmented bottle, home of the Thieves Guild of Skyrim

The Fragmented bottle, home of the Thieves Guild of Skyrim

So you can find the Thieves Guild in Skyrim



Will you not follow the main story of Skyrim before you come in contact with the thieves, you can the next best coach to Rifton in the Principality Rift use to travel to the capital to the east of the province. In the local marketplace you will soon approached by a North called Brynjolf that recognizes the agility and dexterity of a thief in you.

Complete the quest &# 8220; Pure Luck&# 8221; off and place yourselves in connection to the Fragmented bottle in Rattenweg. The entrance to the sewer can be found over a low-lying bridge Riftons. Cross the crowded catacombs and paves you your way until you get into the rundown tavern, which is the home of the Thieves Guild. Speak here again Brynjolf to be presented to the current head of Mercer Frey.

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The quests of the Thieves Guild

  1. business affairs
  2. Loud and clear
  3. intellectual poison
  4. A simple-minded scoundrel
  5. Much meaningless right silence
  6. hard answers
  7. Tracking
  8. The restoration of the Trinity
  9. blinded
  10. Revelations


The side quests have, except for the access to the city influencing quests also have the benefit that the desk of the Gildemeister (SPOILER: This is you at the end IHR) is festooned with all sorts of sparkling extras). The following quests will get you from Delvin and Vex in the splintered bottle:

  • Theft
  • the denunciation
  • the slump
  • the raid
  • The accounting fraud
  • the clearing

Other quests that are numbered among the thieves' guild, but sometimes simply &Others, 8220&# 8221; show up in your diary:

  • break any spikes from the crown
  • reparation
  • The moon sugar rush
  • The Armor exchange
  • A theft catalog
  • Under new management

The trophies of the Thieves Guild

Do you have the Thieves Guild restored to their former splendor, and shine your desk

Do you have the Thieves Guild restored to their former splendor, and shine your desk

Delvin Mallory buys you up certain pieces that you then place on your desk. Among them are the following hidden on missions jewelry:

Queen bees StatueGood gold luster, Aringoths RoomLoud and clear
Honigbräu carafeHonigbräu Brewery, Sabjorns Officeintellectual poison
East Imperial trade route mapStorehouse of OKH, NW. House
ship modelSnow Veil refuge
DwemerrätselwürfelMarkath, Calcemos laboratory
Bust of the Gray FoxGood Riftwald, cellarTracking
Left Eye of the FalmerIrkngthand, Mercerblinded

The rest will receive it when you complete enough quests for the Thieves Guild:

  • 5 completed sidequests: Jeweled Candle Holder
  • 15 completed sidequests: Decorated drinking horn
  • 25 completed sidequests: Golden ship model
  • 35 completed sidequests: Golden Urn
  • 45 completed sidequests: Jeweled Cup
  • 55 completed sidequests: Jeweled Krug
  • 75 completed sidequests: Bejeweled bottle
  • 125 completed sidequests safe deposit with precious stones, gold and potions

Barenziahs crown get her when her supplementary quest &# 8220; break no spikes from the crown&# 8221; have graduated.

The city influencing the Thieves Guild quests

In order for you these special quests that serve the recovery of the guild former greatness tackle, you have to complete at least five of the side quests for Vex or Delvin previously in each principality. Since these are, however, selected at random, you should try to simply make all.

With the completion of these quests three hiding places are built with useful goods each city that are gradually filled. In Markarth and Windhelm also you will receive additional fence.

lonlinessThe Holde KreckinErikur, Thane of loneliness
MarkarthA silver bandEndon, silversmith
White runThe fake pardonOlfrid Battle Born
WindhelmShadows of SummersetTorsten Cruel Sea

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