GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides


Franklin meets with Lester, who proposed him a deal: A competitor of Mollis, a popular potency pill, has brought out a pill that is deadly. If the CEO is turned off, the people turn back to Mollis, which also has an advantageous effect on the stock market - and Lester will make a big investment up front. Franklin is to kill the CEO in his hotel. Lester suggests for the job sticky bombs and a sniper rifle - a Ammu-Nation is on the way, if you want to stock up on you.


Arriving at markeirten park we have one and a half minutes of time to prepare - then the target person out of the hotel, gets into a car and drives away. In fact, Sniper Rifle and sticky bombs good ways off the CEO. If you prefer the sniper variant, it uses the time to go to a higher floor of the parking garage. Otherwise you mined the area in front of the hotel with sticky bombs and lights it when the car drives past there - more bombs are more expensive, but better safe than sorry.


Then we flee the area and possibly from the police, then this brief and lucrative mission is already over. Franklin also has a new apartment now.

GTA 5: Complete solution &# 8211; Overview

GTA 5 Walkthrough &# 8211; Start and general tips and tricks
Franklin and Lamar
father & son
Stretch is out
marriage guidance
Papis little girl
Friend request
Inspection of the jeweler / Preparation
The jewel robbery
Mr. Philips
Philips Industries
The nervous Ron
drugs hell
Friends Reunited
Fame or Shame
Declared Dead
The hotel murder
Yoga calms
Three are a group
By the book
Explore the port / Preparation
The Merryweather-robbery (freighter)
The Merryweather-robbery (Offshore)
Mr. Richards
Against the law
The eye in the sky
Caida Libre
slight turbulence
Preparation for the thing in Paleto
The thing in Paleto
Affige matter
Feierabend / spying the great thing
Bury the hatchet
fresh meat
The Ballad of Rocco
clean out the Bureau
The plans of the architect
caring father
Legal difficulties
The Bureau Raid (trans roof)
The Bureau Raid (fire)
Clean Sweep
Lamar on the ground
The collapse
Basics of parenting
The big thing &# 8211; preparation
The big thing (subtle)
The big thing (brachial)
A little reason
It's time
The third alternative
Strangers and Freaks: A favor in tow
Strangers and Freaks: Paparazzo
Strangers and Freaks: Hard work
Strangers and Freaks: Grass Roots
Strangers and Freaks: Exorcism
Strangers and Freaks: Spezialauftrag
Strangers and Freaks: First rampage
Strangers and Freaks: target practice
Strangers and Freaks: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
Strangers and Freaks: Homeland Security
Strangers and Freaks: Calculated Risk
Strangers and Freaks: Death at Sea
Strangers and Freaks: Extra commission
GTA online &# 8211; Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
Weapons and Equipment
Activities and mini-games


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