Stardew Valley: Stardrop – All localities for more energy

In Stardew Valley you will find sometimes the so-called fruit Stardrop, increases your maximum energy. We tell you in this manual where the localities of the coveted Star drop Fruits are and how you find them.


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Stardew Valley: Stardrop - All localities for more energy

Stardew Valley: The Stardrop increases your maximum energy.

Stardrop in Stardew Valley.

in Stardew Valley increase the Stardrop fruits of your maximum energy. It decreases when you use about your tools, fishing or go fishing. Initially, you have an energy bar of 270 points. If you have found a Stardrop fruit, eats your character automatically and the energy increases by 34 points. We have listed here the discovery sites of all 7 Stardrop fruits. Overall, you have thus an energy bar of 508 points.

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Stardew Valley: The statue of Old Master Cannoli gives you a Stardrop.

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Stardew Valley: The localities of all 7 Stardrop fruits

In Stardew Valley there are 7 Star drop Fruits. Our map helps you going to find them: Stardew Valley: Map and map with residents and locations (also Pelican Town). The Star drop localities are as follows:

  1. When you reach the level 100 in the mines, you will find a Stardrop fruit in a box.
  2. On the 16th day of autumn the festival Stardew Valley Fair takes place. There you can buy a Stardrop fruit for 2000 Silver Star tokens. You have to get this though initially earn at the fairground with games, such as fishing or slingshot shooting. With the Grange display alone you can already get 1,000 tokens when you land on the first place.
  3. In the Secret Woods there is the statue of the Old Master Cannoli, which gives you a Stardrop: Stardew Valley: Old Master Cannoli - What does the statue and sweetest taste?
  4. When you got married, you will receive a Star drop by your partner as soon as you reach with him the maximum of the Heart Number: Stardew Valley: increase heart to romance / marriage / child - Here&# 8217; s (with cheat).
  5. If you have enabled the Sewers, you get there by the creature Krobus a Stardrop Fruit of 20,000 g: Stardew Valley: Sewer-Key - So you get the key to the sewer / sewer.

    Stardew Valley: The creature Krobus sells a Stardrop fruit in the sewer.

    Stardew Valley: The creature Krobus sells a Stardrop fruit in the sewer.

  6. If you have caught in Stardew Valley each fish, you get the achievement Master Angler. The Fischer Willy then sends you by post another Stardrop. Our Fish Guide helps you in this: Stardew Valley: Fish Guide - With the tips you fishing all the fish.
  7. When you donate to the museum all the envisaged 95 items, you get the Achievement A Complete Collection. There is also a Star drop fruit.

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