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An iPad with OS X does not build Apple and has for good reasons. Because: Rather only as a compromise between ease and performance is the MacBook Air's generation for 2013 provides significantly longer battery life and double the GPU performance..

Last year, Apple had redesigned the lightest notebook in its product line at WWDC. At that time there were more power and USB 3.0 among others. This time, at WWDC 2013, was Battery Life the big issue. Ten hours should be able to watch movies in iTunes on one battery charge &# 8211; the rich for the entire &# 8220; Lord of the Rings&# 8221; trilogy, Apple's Phil Schiller joked on the keynote.

Five to new Hours running time gets the user the 11-inch model, the big brother with 13 inches there were between nine and twelve Hours.

At first glance, has outwardly changed nothing to the MacBook Air: The dimensions are identical. If you look closely, however, detects a difference. Instead of a multiple small holes microphone opening on the left side, the new MacBook Air has two holes that are a few centimeters apart.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2012: Intel Haswell platform saves power

Apple equips the new devices with the fourth generation of Intel Core-series named Haswell. With energy of the new processor to go much more economical, therefore! Give the user longer battery life. Calculations on the GPU are twice as fast as in the previous year, the graphics performance is better by up to 40 percent. However, tests have yet to confirm these values.

More space in the 11-inch MacBook Air 2013

With 64 gigabytes of flash memory, the smallest MacBook Air was equipped last year. Now the user gets no extra charge twice the memory, namely 128 gigabytes. In the &# 8220; major&# 8221; Execution of the 11-inch device installed Apple a 256-gigabyte SSD. The same memory-allocation applies to 13-inch models.

The smaller 13-inch model with 128 gigabytes of storage costs in the standard version now $ 100 less, namely 1,099 US dollars.

In all instruments, a 1.3 GHz Intel dual-core Core i5 processor tinkers shared L3 cache of 3 MB. A Turbo Boost increases the clock up to 2.6 GHz. Optionally, there is a Core i7 processor at 1.7 GHz (turbo boost up to 3.3) with 4 megabytes shared L3 cache.

update: Meanwhile, the new MacBook Air at the Apple store can order *MacBook Air. The units will be shipped within 24 hours. The cheapest unit is available for 999 euros, 200 euros more expensive is the 11-inch model with 256 GB of SSD. 1099 Euro will cost the smaller 13 inch model, in 1299 the Great. All units come standard with four gigabytes of RAM and Intel HD 5000 graphics.

Camera, display and Co .: nothing new for 2013

MacBook Air

Otherwise, the hardware for the new MacBook Air remains unchanged. The backlit keyboard, trackpad, camera and display are unchanged. On retina displays and a full HD camera in the housing users must wait therefore continue. An SDXC card reader, there are still only in the larger 13 inch model.

MacBook Air


Conclusion MacBook Air 2013 Product Presentation

The manufacturer must certify independent tests only. to improve the battery life is a laudable aim the author's opinion. Even the fastest processor is finally worth nothing if the device runs out of juice on the road. At a (still) better screen user must wait except the inner workings of Apple has not changed anything. However, that does not change the class of the device.

It still applies: who travels a lot, appreciate the light weight and the enormous robustness of the series. In performance you have to do without it. The MacBook Air is a current Mac, who brings for most activities sufficient power. Apple equipped the cheapest model with 11-inch this year double the SSD storage and lowers the smaller 13 inch model in the price. Even without a Retina display that it already does not create possibly directly to the best equipment, to make the author's opinion with a MacBook Air wrong.

MacBook Air+ small, light and robust
+ powerful
+ Flash memory
+ USB 3.0
+ backlit keyboard and large trackpad

- no CD drive
- Memory upgrade expensive

In the video you see the unpacking ceremony of the device from the 2012.


WWDC 2012 - MacBook Air unboxing

On the next page you will find information for MacBook Air 2011. Although these are an older device, but interested customers general information on the concept and design of Apple's MacBook Air can be found in the overview.

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