Rocket League: All Achievements and Trophies – Guide to 100% (Update: DLC & quot; Neo Tokyo & quot;)

In kompetetiven football racing game mix Rocket League it comes down to business turbulent in the car ball. Here you celebrate success not only with players from around the world, but also collects on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Achievements and trophies one. In the guide we give you an overview of all successes and their activation conditions.

Rocket League: Collector&# 039; s Buy Edition!

Of the entertaining arcade title Rocket League still enjoys great popularity and is also now also been published for the Xbox One. In the competition-oriented Mix of football and racing game you play it mostly online against friends or players from around the world. A look at the List of Rocket League successes making it the focus clearly on the multiplayer part.


Rocket League - Championship Series Teaser

Updated on June 21, 2016

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Rocket League DLC &# 8220; Neo Tokyo&# 8221 ;: Achievements and Trophies

In the current DLC &# 8220; Neo Tokyo&# 8221; you are allowed to rejoice about new basketball and ice hockey modes. There are another eight more Achievements and Trophies unlock, which you can see her the following table.

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
mad scientistMad scientisttbabronze
Playing a full match in 3 different Rocket Lab arenas.
sahnehäubchen-PlacePlace icingtbabronze
Shoots in the snow free to score from your own ice side.
times-left-right timesTime left, then righttbabronze
Win a Snow Day match with both the blue and the orange team.
tempo to impactFast breaktbabronze
Shipyard at least 2 Dunks within the first minute of baskets game.
buzzer-beaterBuzzer Beatertbabronze
Win a basket game, you still zurücklagt where during the last 30 seconds or did tie.
aspiring-artistAspiring artiststbabronze
Collects a painted item.
one-betterone bettertbabronze
Increases the level of a certified items.
Earn the veteran status for your certified item.

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Rocket League: all achievements and trophies Overview

Can you manage to make you a name in the online mode of Rocket League, it turns doing the same lot Achievements free. These have some success in itself, because, for example, require the Win an entire Championship or one Winning streak of 10 games won in a row. Should you have just started with Rocket League, helps to look at the tips and tricks for Autoball career. This should be easier for you the start and you can highlight the achievements of the below checklist.

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Note that some achievements may differ depending on the platform.

virtuosovirtuoso -platinum
Unlock all trophies
availableAvailable  -gold
Collect all items
all-on-shelfEverything in stock gamer core 75-
Collects 200 items
far far awayFar far away&# 8230;  gamer core 75gold
Ride 500 kilometers (50 km in the version for Xbox One)
super victorySuper victorygamerscore-25gold
Wins across all modes of play 30 games
champion_championgamer core 50gold
Wins the championship
winning streakwinning streak gamerscore-25gold
Wins across all modes of play 10 consecutive matches
torreichTorreich  gamer core 20silver
Scored six goals in a game
battle-car-collectorBattle Car collector gamer core 50silver
Switches all Battle-Cars free
Drop on-the-hot-stoneDrop in the bucket  gamer core 20silver
Collect 50 items
rockets championsrockets championsgamerscore-25silver
Closes the regular season from
schmiermaxeSchmiermaxegamer core 20silver
Fits every part of a Battle-Cars individually
game veteranveteran game gamer core 20silver
Plays across all modes of play 20 games
blockadeblockade gamerscore-25silver
Defends from 20 balls
to-bend-and-breakBy hook or crookgamer core 20silver
Scores by you encounter your opponents into the ball
turboturbo gamer core 15silver
Uses your rocket boost total of 5 minutes
sergeantsergeant  gamerscore-25silver
Complete each simulation exercise from (any difficulty)
in the last minuteIn the last minute gamer core 20bronze
Wins with only 60 seconds remaining, a game in which their par or waiting zurücklagt
tempo devilspeed devilgamer core 20bronze
Fills and empties your rocket boost 10 times in a game completely
sammler_collector gamer core 10bronze
Collect 5 items
wandkriecherWandkriechergamer core 15bronze
Ride a total of 5 minutes to the dome walls
team playerteam Player gamerscore-25bronze
Plays in a season against all teams
sarpbc-foreverSARPBC Forever gamerscore-25bronze
Plays with both classical Battle-Cars
repeat offenderrepeat offendersgamer core 15bronze
Look at a savegame in repeat mode
winnerwinnergamer core 15bronze
Wins across all modes total of 5 games
white-vestwhite vestgamer core 10bronze
Win a match without assigning a single goal
triple threatTriple threat  gamer core 10bronze
Win a 3-on-3 game
double impactdouble whammy gamer core 10bronze
Win a 2-on-2 game
sole-winningThe sole victorygamer core 10bronze
Win a 1-on-1 game
perfect-startperfect startgamer core 10bronze
Win your first Season
angeber_show-offgamer core 20bronze
Scored a goal in reverse gear
Practice creates mastersPractice creates mastersgamer core 10bronze
Takes out a simulation exercise
TravellerTravellergamer core 15bronze
Play in any stadium in the Rocket League
bastlerhobbyistsgamer core 10bronze
Fits part of a Battle-Cars individually
first-time offendersfirst-time offenders gamer core 10bronze
Achieved your first goal
barras bravas-Barras Bravasgamer core 20bronze
Plays an online game with a friend
FriendshipFriendshipgamer core 10bronze
Plays a friendly match
Chic Hatchic hat
gamer core 15-
Shoots 3 goals in a game with a top equipped
battle-of-epicBattle of the Heroes
gamer core 20-
Win a match against the Armadillo or HogSticker by you using the respective other vehicle

DLC &# 8211; Utopia Coliseum: Achievements and Trophies

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
sky highsky highgamerscore-25bronze
Score from the air
four winsFour winsgamer core 10bronze
Wins in a 4&# 215; 4-Match
Playing a game in Utopiakolosseum

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DLC &# 8211; Supersonic Fury: Achievements and Trophies

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
winning-is-stockingVictory is the key-gold
Win a championship in a season by her using only Dominus or Takumi
62-miles-and-a-centimeter62 miles and one centimeter-silver
Ride 100 km with only the Christiano- or the spinner tires
driving-around-your-lifeDriving to your life-silver
Equips your fight car with Super Sonic Fury decor and livery and then wins a game.
do not turn arounddo not turn around-bronze
Uses the burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost total of 10 minutes
family-no-friendsFamily, no friends-bronze
Playing a whole game long with both Dominus, as well as with Takumi
spin kingspin king-bronze
Makes a 180 Powerslide with both the Christiano, and with the spinner tires

DLC &# 8211; Revenge of the Battle-Cars: Achievements and Trophies

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
survival-of-strongerSurvival of the fittestgamer core 50gold
Win a Unfair bot match with the Haiflossenaufsatz equipped
heartbreakerheartbreakergamer core 50silver
Win a match against the All-Star bots with the heart sticker equipped
natural-further developmentnatural evolution-silver
Win an online match with Scarab or Zippy
throwbackThrowbackgamer core 15bronze
Uses the Accelerato boost with one of the original Battle-Cars in one of the old arenas
hot-shot-part-twoHot Shot, Part Twogamer core 15bronze
Win the MVP award with Scarab or Zippy

DLC &# 8211; Chaos Run: Achievements and Trophies

symbol success Gamerscore trophy 
my-world-is-fireMy world is fire-gold
Win a 4v4 online match with a Chaos Run item equipped
Shoots with grog 10 goals against bots on Pro level or higher
Shoots with Ripper 10 goals against bots on Pro level or higher
Performs a total of 50 shots on goal with grog or from Ripper
psycho-master exploderPsycho-Master Explodergamer core 15bronze
Destroyed 3 opposing bots equipped in WasteLand with the Mohawk

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