Samsung Galaxy S8: These headphones are in

Anyone who buys a new smartphone, nor is supplied alongside the main instrument usually a lot of accessories. So there S8 headphones with in addition also with Samsung as the new Samsung Galaxy.

How good are the headphones? And what version is to in-ear or at least classic headphones?


So you find the right In-Ear Headphones

These headphones there for the Samsung Galaxy S 8 for free

Included with the Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG headphones are included. AKG is a subsidiary of Harman. Also the Samsung Galaxy S8 + is to find the same model.

  • These are in-ear headphones. So the headphones fit your ears correctly, three silicone essays found in different sizes included.
  • The headphones are wired.
  • The price in a single purchase is according to Samsung around € 100.
  • A model number is not specified for the headphones, the accessory is not in the store sold separately.
  • Regardless of the color of the smartphone, the headphones in black are held.
  • As usual with newer models, can be found on the cable remote control for quick access to the most important functions.

galaxy-s8 headset

Image: Samsung

If you prefer to have in-ear headphones without wires, should take a look at our Bluetooth headphones test. Toying her with the Samsung flagship, we recommend a look at our Samsung Galaxy S8 test.

Bluetooth headphones DockIn D

Using Bluetooth, you can even connect to the Samsung Galaxy S8 multiple headsets simultaneously.

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These are the Samsung Galaxy S8 Headphones

Whether the sound is really worth 100 euros, as repeatedly emphasized by Samsung, everyone should decide for themselves.

The best sound for a small price &# 8211; the current best-selling headphones:

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For a free supplement the articles, however, are well on the net. Compared with the included headphones of the previous Galaxy devices, the sound works better, some a weak bass is criticized. however, the comfort is highlighted. Who has better sound claims, with the Samsung Galaxy S8 headphones probably will not warm and should look for additional accessories.

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