NettoKOM: Airtime – Here’s how

With NettoKOM for many years has the well-known "Netto Marken-Discount" on its own prepaid offering. Unfortunately, there are the credit cards only at the box office the net stores. But there are also other possibilities - such as officially unofficially - about your NettoKOM credit recharge. We have summarized all the methods known to us in this guide for you.


German mobile networks

The mobile operator NettoKOM run by "Blue" and uses the network of E-Plus. NettoKOM and "Blue" in turn belong to Telefónica Germany. As the prepaid offers of the two providers overlap, there are also more than just the official options to recharge your prepaid credit at NettoKOM.

NettoKOM: Airtime - important&# 8217; s (official)

Officially, there are two ways to charge the credit of your NettoKOM SIM card: Per recharge card or by direct charging the net.


The NettoKOM top up cards gets her exclusively at the box office by all "Netto Schels" markets (Not mentioned by the same NET supermarkets, also called "Net Pet" confused). The NettoKOM top up cards there a value of 4, 9 or 15 Euro.

The code on the credit card you can then optionally the freephone Recharge Hotline 1155 Enter or you login online at "My NettoKOM" and enter the recharge code there. The credit should be accounted for more than 15 minutes later on your SIM card.

direct charge

Alternatively you your SIM card can recharge "My NettoKOM" with a desired price (from 10 euros) on the direct charging. For that you have to only your bank details have deposited with NettoKOM to charge your credit so by direct debit. The charging your credit is thus anytime, around-the-clock.


The NettoKOM SIM cards not a smartphone is usually there. If you are looking for a new contract mobile phones that you can use with your NettoKOM prepaid card, we have the currently popular smartphones at the best price:

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recharge your credit NettoKOM further options (unofficially)

Credit cards

Since the prepaid offers of "Blue" and NettoKOM match, it is unofficially also possible, your SIM card with the Credit cards charge of "Blue". These are available in many more markets, kiosks and to buy in some gas stations.

The charging works just as how the NettoKOM credit card via telephone call with the 1155 or via the website.

ATM & Online Banking

Also at ATMs and online banking, it is possible to charge his credit. But action "Blue" has to select a mobile carrier. At the following banks you can charge so your NettoKOM credit:

  • German savings bank
  • Postbank
  • Cooperative banks

Online Service

Even with many online prepaid Aufladeservices such as or charging the credit is possible if this NettoKOM or "Blue" supported.

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