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The dispute between YouTube and the German collecting society GEMA has been dragging on years to come. Those who still want to see all the videos, accesses ProxTube for Firefox.

Since 2009 see German YouTube users increasingly at official music videos a set of YouTube Note, therefore the video in Germany must not be shown because GEMA may have rights to it.


Winload ProxTube for Firefox Video

ProxTube for Firefox: YouTube lock handle through proxy servers

Since this license dispute now drags on for more than two years, programmers have developed numerous tools that you can handle the so-called YouTube lock. The principle is to direct all the same, namely the traffic through a proxy, which is not in Germany. Since YouTube reviews the country only on the basis of IP from which comes a request to show the servers of the video service an IP from another country in order to see the video normally suffice.

The Firefox addon ProxTube can thereby be recorded as selling point is that it makes practically hardly noticeable. During the proxy operation must be activated manually at other addons yet, the only 19 KB has high Download ProxTube for Firefox just as a green or gray arrow in the navigation bar. Green indicates that ProxTube is active, gray, the icon shows in the inactivated state and can then with one click to activate.

YouTube lock bypassed with ProxTube for Firefox

How it works ProxTube for Firefox

Is now a YouTube video called, which comes to the famous GEMA message, the ProxTube for Firefox will automatically turn download and is looking for an appropriate Web proxy in the US and will load the video from there again. In the settings you can specify whether it ProxTube each has yet to get the user's permission to seek a proxy, or simply work on their own.

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Gallery ProxTube for Firefox

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    ProxTube for Firefox unlocked video - for ProxTube With Firefox unlocked Video

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    ProxTube for Firefox result - The result for ProxTube With Firefox unlocked Video

  • (Figure 6.6):
    ProxTube for Firefox unlocked a video - ProxTube for Firefox just unlocked a video


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