GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides

It is finally here: Over five years after the release of its predecessor, we can finally take a further cynical view of the American dream in GTA V. Thus Michael, Trevor and Franklin are not all alone in the vortex of crime, successes and setbacks, you have the control to take - and we tell you in our GTA 5 complete solution as you do it best.

GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides


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Over five years ago Grand Theft Auto 4 was released and told us the history of the Slavic ex-soldier Niko Bellic, who realized that the American dream is not quite as fantastic. Two years later, we experienced the grim former outlaw John Marston, the end of the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption and now, finally, the journey takes us to GTA 5 back to the big city - and it is greater than ever. If you want to know our opinion on the new big hit from Rockstar Games, look at our GTA 5 on test.

Los Santos is an enormous, living world, and in our GTA 5 complete solution we bring them closer to you, guide you in the solution through the story, give you helpful tips, guides to the activities and tell you tricks you life a bit easier close. In addition, we offer you in our GTA 5 Walkthrough helpful hints, tips and tricks for multiplayer GTA. 5

Our GTA 5 solution is constantly being expanded and supplemented. If you have problems that we have not answered on the following pages, they write us in the comments. We are also grateful for additions or more tips if we should have but missed something once.

Currently a PC version of Grand Theft Auto is expected hot, of course, but is not yet in sight. Should change this, you learn naturally on GIGA them and we will, if anything changes important in the PC version of GTA V, updating our complete solution, of course.

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As well of the total solution we have put together up a few pointers in the video, how to make money with 5 GTA. For fresh newcomer, there is also the first aid items fundamentally lying GTA 5 tips. If you are looking for GTA 5 Cheats, with which you can neatly do nonsense, you will find an overview here. Should in future be followed by a PC version, we will add to the list of course PC cheats. To simply have the map of the island in mind, there is finally the GTA 5 map to print and the localities of Collectibles. Anyone interested in the music, everything is here for GTA 5 soundtrack and tracklists from the radio stations. Nostalgic can also take a look at the GTA 3 cheats.

GTA 5: Complete solution &# 8211; Overview

GTA 5 Walkthrough &# 8211; Start and general tips and tricks
Franklin and Lamar
father & son
Stretch is out
marriage guidance
Papis little girl
Friend request
Inspection of the jeweler / Preparation
The jewel robbery
Mr. Philips
Philips Industries
The nervous Ron
drugs hell
Friends Reunited
Fame or Shame
Declared Dead
The hotel murder
Yoga calms
Three are a group
By the book
Explore the port / Preparation
The Merryweather-robbery (freighter)
The Merryweather-robbery (Offshore)
Mr. Richards
Against the law
The eye in the sky
Caida Libre
slight turbulence
Preparation for the thing in Paleto
The thing in Paleto
Affige matter
Feierabend / spying the great thing
Bury the hatchet
fresh meat
The Ballad of Rocco
clean out the Bureau
The plans of the architect
caring father
Legal difficulties
The Bureau Raid (trans roof)
The Bureau Raid (fire)
Clean Sweep
Lamar on the ground
The collapse
Basics of parenting
The big thing &# 8211; preparation
The big thing (subtle)
The big thing (brachial)
A little reason
It's time
The third alternative
Strangers and Freaks: A favor in tow
Strangers and Freaks: Paparazzo
Strangers and Freaks: Hard work
Strangers and Freaks: Grass Roots
Strangers and Freaks: Exorcism
Strangers and Freaks: Spezialauftrag
Strangers and Freaks: First rampage
Strangers and Freaks: target practice
Strangers and Freaks: Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
Strangers and Freaks: Homeland Security
Strangers and Freaks: Calculated Risk
Strangers and Freaks: Death at Sea
Strangers and Freaks: Extra commission
GTA online &# 8211; Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
Weapons and Equipment
Activities and mini-games


To Start: General tips and tricks for GTA 5

  • Los Santos should be your best friend, and when the course incidentally happens over time, you should get to know the city well. It helps you in the investigation, in persecutions and makes you simply faster un mobile. So Do not rely only on GPS and map &# 8211; oriented you to landaschaftlichen features, landmarks, distinctive sites and the like. Grab sometimes a plane or a helicopter to get a better feel for the city &# 8211; not least also because Los Santos looks wonderful.
  • The plethora of weapons can be a bit overwhelming, but relaxes you, the weapon system similar to that of Red Dead Redemption, you can take weapons in each category, and quickly switch. You should still find well-functioning weapons for you and always keep in mind, in what situation you are going. At the latest when it comes to the question of what their upgradet, but you have to set priorities &# 8211; Money does not grow on trees and you will have for a long time not enough cash to upgrade everything equally well. Concentrate first on a good all-round weapon, such as assault rifles, submachine guns or pistols &# 8211; everything else is a situational useful and just can wait a while.
  • Vehicles, vehicles and again vehicles. GTA has always been known for its many different vehicles and GTA V achieved in this respect a whole new dimension. As with the weapons, the choice of the vehicle is a matter of preference and situation. For maximum mobility, motorcycles, sports cars and other sleek cars like muscle cars are, but they are of course not very stable - it expects chases and police presence, doing its better to steer a stable car at medium speed.
  • Let distract you! GTA always the most fun when you play it the way you yourself want. Rather than stubbornly to heat from a main mission to the next, should complete their side missions to keep up with the phone contact with your friends (and girlfriends) while also giving time to complete a mini-game - there's nothing like a round of yoga or tennis between all the banging and Gerase , Or, you know, grab your favorite vehicle, skin a few cheats in, fueled by the region and employs nonsense - the world is your playground.


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  • In addition to the well-known shops - there is GTA V many new shops, workshops to clothing stores to an amusement park - especially Ammu-Nation. A new feature is BAWSAQ - many of the shops (and some companies that are not directly accessible in the game) are buying on the stock market and you can on the offical website shares. Take on the stock market - arms dealer, for example, be in Los Santos not determined poor.
  • Even real estate can be bought in GTA V: If you surf the in-game Internet browser to, can you find various buildings and land and buy. You can also mark a property here, so your GPS leads you in the direction of the object. The real estate business is of course more for the mid- or late-game where you have already zusammengelaubt some money and you have to worry about other priorities such as weapons and cars.
  • Pulls out all the possible benefits from the fact that you have three characters. Not only allows you the Trias Michael, Trevor and Franklin maneuvers such as flankings or the combination of distraction / Sniper, it may spare you some way - if your goal at the other end of the city, it makes more sense to switch to a colleague which is located nearby. Each of the three characters has a special ability, which is better suited for different situations. Plus: To switch to another character just looks awesome.
  • Trained your characters in the categories in which they are weak in the chest. Little perseverance? Sprints, as often as you can. Poor handling weapons? Visited a Ammu-Nation with shooting and practice. Poor vehicle values? Ride lot and risky. Practice creates masters.
  • If you have the other end of town, do not forget that you have the number of a taxi service in your mobile phone. After a few seconds the called taxi arrives and transports you for a small fee, where you want &# 8211; also self-imposed waypoints.

It continues on the next page with tips for the prologue of GTA V.

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